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  1. Looks beautiful! Great job and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts! I am hopefully going to work on a few projects soon as well.

  2. I love your analogy of the dirty old desk and stool to our lives without Christ and the steps needed to accomplish a transformation.
    Beautiful post and beautiful outcome for your vanity. Everything is gorgeous!

  3. Your vanity is beautiful! And so are your thoughts about the believer’s own transformation.

    I have similar thoughts about one of my treasured teacups. The saucer of my most treasured teacup fell to the floor and was broken into several pieces. It appeared ruined. But, my dear mother-in-law got out some glue, and worked patiently for awhile to piece it back together. It’s beautiful, and every time I use that cup, I am reminded that God takes the broken pieces of our lives and makes something beautiful out of them.



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