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  1. Hello Karin, what a beautiful reminder. As you shared above, “Too often I go to food for comfort or to celebrate small personal victories – things I should go to God for….” I can relate!! I remind myself to “run to the throne, not the phone.” Whether it is food, relationships, or social media (a huge struggle for a blogger), I continue to pray that I place God first in my life. Only He can comfort me <3


  2. That’s such an interesting way to read Leviticus! Love that idea!

    I thought Leviticus was pretty boring, too, until I started really doing some research into the fulfillment of the sacrifices– Jesus Christ– and then the connections were just too amazing! (I wrote about it- would love for you to see the posts- let me know if you’d like the link)

  3. Praise God for this… “we have the power of God Himself to call upon when we are struggling in order to avoid false idols in our lives.” It is my hope and prayer that I will run to Jesus more quickly when He reveals the idols that consume me.

  4. I just love your perspective on Leviticus. It’s so eye-opening. Like you I find myself especially weak when it comes to saying no to food. Slowly God is making me aware of the changes I need to make and this is just more confirmation for me. Thank you for posting 🙂


  1. […] While there’s no doubt that food is good and God created food for our nourishment and enjoyment, a problem occurs when we take pleasure in food more than we delight in Him.  God is the only one that can truly satisfy our hearts.  He is the provider and sustainer of our emotional well-being so when we seek to satisfy ourselves with something other than Him, we inevitably end up with a bigger mess on our hands (What Are You Consumed With?). […]

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