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  1. This post really got me thinking. I have been at home with my kids for 12 years. Only in the last year or so, I’ve felt that isn’t enough and I’ve started blogging. I believe that God called me to do, but I’ve felt inadequate because I’m not making any money. I want being a mom to be enough again.

    • I can totally relate! That’s awesome that God has called you to blog and you know that. Don’t allow false guilt to rob you from the confidence in what has called you to do because you aren’t getting paid. Know that God might be supplementing your income in ways you aren’t aware of because He knows you are taking extra time to blog. Also, in the big scheme of things, see this an opportunity for blessings that are not monetary. One day it will come to fruition. I totally get it and have had the same feelings myself. Know God has a plan for your blog and He will provide in one way or another. Thanks for reading!

    • Thank you so much. This is one of those posts that God showed me what to write and I just typed. Thank you for the treasure of your writing as well!

  2. Beautiful! I love Colossians 3:23 and you tie everything together and in such a powerful message. Be blessed.

  3. I love this so much!! Thank you for your encouragement. After my first child, I struggled with the same thing. I thought that staying home and taking care of my child was not enough and I needed to do more. Every time I prayed about it, God would gently say: just love and hold your baby. During that time, God showed me that I was doing what He wanted to do and that motherhood is something He loves and finds important.

    • Exactly. It can be so difficult to have a godly perspective on time and priorities in a society that glorifies business and efficiency instead of peace and effectiveness. So glad you can relate!


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