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  1. Wow, Karin. I’m impressed! That turned out so pretty. You got me wanting to go out and find something to re-do!
    I loved your step-by-step instructions. They give me confidence to begin, whereas without them I’d be fumbling around making many more mistakes or afraid to start at all. Thank you. 🙂

  2. That desk turned out beautiful! I am very impressed. Have you had any difficulty with laminate furniture like bookshelves bowing under the weight of books, etc? I know a lot of the laminate furniture I have had in the past tends to sag under added weight. That is the only thing that makes me hesitant to use laminate!!

    • Great question! It just depends on the thickness of the shelf. On one wider bookshelf, I put a 1×2 piece of wood in the center of the bottom of the shelf running along the length. I think I just glued it and that added some extra support and you can’t see it. Hope that helps! You can also add a 1×2 along the face of the shelf perpendicular and level to the shelf. That would make it nicer looking and also sturdier.

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