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  1. Really great examples here, and I love the story about the oxen. I have heard it before but not in so much detail. The older generation certainly knew how to work hard, but I think they knew how to rest too. My husband’s grandmother who is 92 wrote a book called ‘Turn the Windmills off it’s Sunday’ and talks about her family really resting on the Sabbath and how God blessed them for it, along with many other stories. She’s still a goer and can sometimes be hard to look after because of her mantra that you never leave a job unfinished. My husband’s parents do a wonderful job caring for her.

    • Thank you so much Lizzy! I’m a visual learner so the oxen are really helpful to me to keep myself in check – something easier said than done. Your husband’s grandmother seems like an amazing lady. I’ll have to look into her book!

  2. That relationship between rest and and true rest (surrender to Christ) is so important. I so often feel overwhelmed and exhausted, then when I set aside time to relax I can’t actually rest because I’m still holding on to my desire to control and handle everything myself. That’s not how it’s supposed to be. I love your analogy of the tapestry of our life at the end. I want God to weave it!

    Also, I love the wall art you painted—that’s beautiful!

    • Thank you Bethany. I’m such a control freak myself which is ironic considering how little control I truly have. I appreciate your encouraging words and for stopping by!

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