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  1. This is beautiful. There are so many things that if we knew our hearts will fail but God takes care of them without involving us. I have a project that was slowed down and I was concerned I wasn’t getting money to finish it fast but I also noticed that strange calls I was getting from criminals who thought I had much money from how fast the project was going have stopped. I think God has been directing the attention of robbers and kidnappers away from me by stalling things financially.

  2. Love the line…”God protects us from less than His best!” So true, so true! Thanking and trusting Him, that He always knows what’s best for us! Oan…but that water bug tho (lol)! Stopping by from “Christian Women Bloggers Unite.” Blessings!

  3. We never know what God is protecting us from. Those long stop light, those annoying lines etc. this is awesome!


  4. Love this, thanks so much for sharing. In a way it boils down to a perspective thing. When you’re too close you don’t know what’s best. We’re so blessed that God sees and knows the bigger picture so that He can, and will, do what is in our best interest.

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