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  1. Thank you Karen for this reminder! I have Psalm 46:10 on the wall where I can see it from my morning time chair. I still struggle with spending quality time with my children because of all the daily tasks, but want to have good memories of hanging out with no distractions. I want them to know God longs for our focus to be on Him and spending time in His presence is so important.

  2. Did you read my mind today?!?! I have been convicted about my time management and priorities this past week. After spending time in the Word this morning, I have accomplished so much more than I normally do.

  3. I love this. I sit with God sometimes and more so in recent months. The issue is his majesty is so huge I cant grasp it and I get embarassed and feel strange in his presence and that I am not worthy almost, its a big concept to grasp but it gets the attention off your problems, when you think about Him.

    • I can COMPLETELY understand how you feel. It’s like I want to shy away from Him but I try to remember that although He is utterly aware of His holiness, He still wants to spend time with me. Hard to fathom.

  4. How true is this!! The gifts of dwelling are rich — nothing can be better! How wise are these words: There is no other time management strategy more successful than spending regular time with God – sitting with Him in prayer and meditating on His Word…and We are most productive when we are still before our Maker, spending time with Him.
    Being filled with God is being filled with joy and focus and heart and love and authenticity. Beautiful!


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