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Editorial Policy

At Renovated Faith, we take great pride in our site’s quality. For every article, Karin Peters creates accurate, original, and engaging content that has been thoroughly researched and fact-checked. We research, test, and review all content on the blog by doing our own tutorials and product testing. Posts are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they are accurate, up to date, and aim to serve our readers.

Renovated Faith writes quality content for humans by humans. Each article includes the writer, the writer’s bio, and a link to related content. The date reflects when the article was first written and last updated to ensure up-to-date information for readers.

It is against our standard of integrity and guidelines to use AI (artificial intelligence) such as ChatGPT or Claude for any articles on the blog either for content creation or editing.

Renovated Faith only uses original images and videos from real projects that have been tested and performed before blog posts are written. Photos and videos are never edited in a way that is misleading to readers.

If we come across factual errors, it is our policy to correct them in a timely manner. For any errors, please contact Karin@renovatedfaith.com.

Renovated Faith uses original, accurate, and unbiased content. All tutorials are tested, fact-checked, and properly attributed.

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