Do You Serve Your Home or Does Your Home Serve You?

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Mission Statement:

Renovated Faith helps you create a home that serves you so you can fulfill your God-given purpose.

Renovated Faith helps readers transform their homes and restore their faith. In an encouraging, beautiful, and meaningful way, it finds innovative solutions to problems in their home.

Author Bio:

Karin Peters is a DIY expert and the creator of Renovated Faith. She is a furniture painter, a home design consultant, and a tenacious problem solver determined to help you transform your house into a home.

With 17 years of experience with DIY home improvement, she researches and analyzes professional processes to adapt them to be easy and cost-effective for DIYers.  She then tests every project and product before it appears on the site in a detailed, step-by-step format. 

After attending Texas A&M University, she received her Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages at Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary.  Her passions unite in Renovated Faith, which shows readers how to create a home that serves them so they can pursue their God-given purposes.

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