Home is more than just a place to lay your head at night.  It’s your physical and emotional haven that empowers you to live out your God-given purpose in life.  Renovated Faith helps you to create a home that helps you to best care for yourself and your loved ones. 

You DO NOT exist to serve your home. Your home exists to serve you.

Our homes exist to serve us so we can fulfill our God-given purpose in life.

When I think of how my home functions in my life, I like to imagine it as a charger base for my phone.  The charger is a place for my phone to recharge so it can be ready to be used to its full capacity the next day.

The same can be said for our homes in that they should be a cozy retreat that restores our energy so we can meet our God-given potential in our everyday lives.  And for our homes to be that safe haven, we have to make sure our home’s décor and furnishings serve us instead of the other way around.

When our homes are serving us, they are restorative and inspiring, but when we are serving our homes, they are draining and discouraging.

Fortunately, Renovated Faith is here to help! To find out what it means to create a home that serves you, click below:


Karin Peters, DIY Expert

Hi! I’m Karin. I’m passionate about finding the best way to do a project as well as the best DIY products out there. I love devouring and analyzing information, so you don’t have to! I have 17 years of experience as a professional DIYer. With Renovated Faith, I like to use my power of over-analyzing for good by researching professional processes and breaking them down into step-by-step tutorials that are easy and affordable for DIYers. My goal is for you to get the same pro result but with a DIY project.

Every project on the blog has been researched and tested by me personally before I ever start writing the tutorial so that I provide the most effective and efficient process to my readers. I believe that if you are going to do something, it’s worth doing right. But the right way doesn’t have to be the hardest or most expensive way!

I take professional processes and adapt them to tutorials that are quick and easy for DIYers. Why is this important? If a DIYer tackled painting cabinets in a way that a pro would, it would entail learning how to use a paint sprayer and buying either sub-standard paint or expensive specialty paint that has to be bought in bulk. Many of these professional paints can only be used with a paint sprayer. A decent paint sprayer is very expensive and there is a steep learning curve.

BUT, I write for DIYers. So, I tested over 24 of the best (accessible) paints and found the best technique to get a sprayed-on finish with a roller. Therefore, I like to find the easiest way to get a pro finish on a budget so that DIYers like you can get gorgeous results every time.

How Renovated Faith Started

When I’m not spending time with my husband Jeremy and daughter Morgan, you’ll find me refinishing furniture in the garage or watering my ever-growing rose garden.  Some of my favorite things include laughing with my family, playing with my two dogs, Toby and Ellie, and eating chocolate chips.

My DIY adventure started right as we moved into our first home twenty years ago. We had just gotten married, finished college at Texas A&M and I was starting to commute to seminary where I got my Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Budget-friendly DIY projects became a welcomed break from studying and writing papers. Soon, I started work at our local church in College Station and became Adult Education Director after seminary, where I oversaw small groups, Sunday school, and women’s ministry. (I get tired just thinking about it!)

When I wasn’t working, DIY was my passion and our little fixer of a first home because an ever-present opportunity to learn something new about DIY projects and home improvement. I fixed room after room of a badly taped drywall job, painted the cabinets, painted walls and re-landscaped the backyard. I also got into woodworking and furniture painting where I refinished dozens of furniture pieces.

When I had our daughter Morgan, I stepped down from my role at the church. Morgan was continually sick from birth and at around 11 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and blood disorder called Autoimmune Neutropenia. (You can read more about our experience here.)

It was a rough time full of blood draws, daily injections and doctor visits. Once again, my favorite outlet for stress relief was DIY projects and I soon became a furniture painter and home design consultant.

Christmas 2020

I’m so happy to say that our daughter Morgan went into full remission after just a couple of years. And out of those DIY projects and home décor hacks, Renovated Faith was born.

A Tale of Two Homes

In our old house on Cypress Circle, I was able to learn how to drywall, paint cabinets, landscape, and dozens of other DIY skills. I like to look at this time as when I truly learned how to DIY because I did the research, experienced it first hand, and most importantly, learned from my mistakes. The Cypress Circle was on-the-job training for a blog I didn’t know would ever exist. You can see the full transformation in this post: Cypress Circle House Tour (How to Fix Up A House to Sell)

When my daughter was about 5 years old, we moved to our current home on Brookwater Circle. This was a nicer house that was in better condition but it was still outdated and in desperate need of a makeover. While the Cypress Circle house is where I learned, the Brookwater Circle house is where I demonstrated proof of concept by testing all my projects and writing most of the tutorials on the site that you see today. Again, I painted cabinets, painted walls, re-landscaped and gave the entire house a facelift. I also continued with furniture painting and tested out several of my new faux finishes.

Every project on the blog has been researched, fact-checked and tested by myself personally before it ever shows up on the blog. I love taking pro tips and processes and adapting them to DIY with easy-to-find but high-quality products. My goal for every DIY project is for you to get pro results on a DIY budget!

Where Faith Comes In

Unexpectedly, I learned something amazing in the process…that the best transformation within those four walls was not just in my furniture projects or home décor hacks, but actually in myself!

I realized God wants to transform us in the same way a curbside find becomes a showroom-worthy furniture piece. He wants to transform life’s trials – oftentimes from a hot mess to a thing of beauty and purpose!

That’s why each of Renovated Faith’s blog posts includes a step-by-step DIY tutorial with an encouraging devotional at the end. While Renovated Faith inspires and equips women to turn their house into a home, it also demonstrates how God offers hope to transform our hearts.

Join me as I show you how easy home improvement can be and I’ll share some Christian encouragement along the way.
Anyone can renovate a house but only God can renovate our hearts.

Renovated Faith helps readers transform their homes and restore their faith.  I find innovative solutions to problems that I communicate to readers in an encouraging, beautiful and meaningful way.

Now Let’s Connect!

Once a week I’ll send you an inspirational email with creative ideas and encouragement.  I promise to never spam you (that is so not cool) and your email address will never be shared.

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Random Facts About Karin:

  • When I’m not spending time with my husband Jeremy and daughter Morgan, you’ll find me refinishing furniture, watering my many houseplants, or devising DIY home hacks.
  • I am married to my best friend! Jeremy and I were actually in the same major at Texas A&M but met because we were neighbors.
  • I love having dance parties with my daughter Morgan in our living room.
  • The only marathon I’ve ever completed has been on Netflix.
  • I’m an introvert at heart but will talk your ear off about home projects or houseplants.
  • My name is spelled with an “i” but is pronounced like “Karen” with an “e”. It was spelled this way to be consistent with the German spelling. But my parents recently found out after an ancestry.com test that we are not actually German, but Swiss.
  • I love going on long walks with my dog Jake. It’s such a peaceful time to listen to my favorite podcasts or Audible books.
Jeremy and Morgan are making his late grandma’s Sweetheart Coffee Cake. Excuse the pants hanging in the dining room. By the way, I’ll be painting those cabinets this Spring and will post a detailed tutorial on the blog!
  • My favorite room in our house is our little dining room. The curtains are my favorite shade of blue and it contains my most cherished furniture piece (and former curbside find). Every afternoon before picking up my daughter from school, I like to sit at the dining table we built and spend time in prayer and Bible study with a cup of chai tea with honey. It is a much-needed time for my mind and heart to be still and consider all the ways our loving God has blessed me and is transforming me to be more like Him.

I’m so glad you are here and please let me know if I can help you in any way at karin@renovatedfaith.com!





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