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  1. I love the name of your blog! I don’t renovate many items but I can relate these same feelings to my own life, when things are organized. The more I read Scripture, I realize our God lives order, and he can bring it about from any form of chaos!

  2. I love this. It reminds me of those times when we were having roadworks nearby our house or were doing minor adjustments to our home. It bothered me for the most part. I will never forget, the one time (recently) I drove past roadworks and I thought “What a mess!” God clearly said to me “You need to change your attitude there. I love mess. Mess means you are learning, exploring, living. I can work with mess.” I felt so challenged in that moment.

    I love how you connect peace with all of this and trusting God. Great post.

  3. Karin, this one went straight to the heart. I don’t do well with chaos either, and also recently had flooded floors, construction, mess, and noise. AHHH! But you are so right – my inner state is not dictated by my circumstances and surroundings – unless I let it be. God, give me the grace to reflect You even when I’m surrounded by chaos! Thanks for the great post, Karin. And that piece of furniture turned out beautifully!


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