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  1. I went to school with the young men lost in 98′ and considered one of them a friend of mine. Such an artistic talent the world lost forever. I left for a few years here and there and yet always seem to return. Being a current resident, I truly enjoyed your piece and thank you for bringing attention to the needs of our area. Thank you and God bless.

    • I was in the same graduating class as Trey and remember him well. He had so much talent was brilliant. Isn’t it amazing how you can be so connected to a place you haven’t been in a while. How fun that you are living there again. Thank you for reading my post Shelly!

      • I am posting this for a lady and her 8 yr old daughter who attends Lumberton schools she was offered a place to stay after Hurricane Harvey from a friend of a friend who is now obsessed over her and gets irate if she uses her phone or text . She needs some financial help but mostly a place to live so her daughter can remain in Lumberton school. I am screening for her.My name and email below .Any information or advice will be gratefully appreciated.

  2. There are Mud Out teams leaving daily from Crestwood Baptist Church. Call or show up to volunteer. We are hosting teams that come from other churches and organizations to stay in our facilities that are helping out with Muck Out, and in the near future with some of the restoration activities. For more information, contact 409-246-2750

  3. Thank you for your wonderful article! I completely agree that donating locally will benefits not only those that were devastated by the flood waters but will,help our local economy. So many in this area have applied for disaster relief through FEMA and Red Cross and gave been denied. By giving locally, there is a greater chance that they can receive some type of help.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it. That was definitely my intent – there are so many small towns in need and donations to Red Cross and other large organizations may never make it to those locations. Thank you for stopping by Karen!

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