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How to Make a Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder

By upcycling an old chandelier, I made a DIY chandelier hummingbird feeder that is sure to turn your backyard into a hummingbird haven. #hummingbirdfeeder #chandelierhummingbirdfeeder #backyard

My mom has always loved birds of any kind – mocking birds, cardinals, chickadees, and especially hummingbirds!  So, I surprised her with a late Mother’s Day gift by making her a hummingbird feeder.  By upcycling an old chandelier, I made a DIY chandelier hummingbird feeder that is sure to make any backyard into a hummingbird haven.

What’s so great about this feeder is the fact that it will attract a huge number of hummingbirds to one location.  Hummingbirds like feeders to be grouped together so they are easy to find.  Also, there should be plenty of ports for them to feed on to prevent them from fighting and so they can get all the “nectar” they need.

diy hummingbird feeder

When I was a kid, our neighbor had two dozen hummingbird feeders lined up in rows under her back porch.  Towards the end of every summer, we would go to her house and see all the hummingbirds.  I kid you not, at least 200 hummingbirds were swarming around the feeders at any given time.  The best part was standing in the middle of the feeders and staying very still as they flew a few inches from us!  I hope that this feeder will give you a taste of that in your own backyard!

The first step was to find an old chandelier and I can’t think of a better place than Habitat for Humanity’s Restore.  If you haven’t been to your local Restore, they have lots of used items that need a new home – everything from old doors, to picture frames and even slightly used cans of paint.   A bonus is that all the proceeds of their sales go to building homes for people in need!  You can find your local Restore by going HERE.

diy hummingbird feeder

It is there that I picked out this beauty.  Here she is in all her dust and cobweb-filled glory!  This chandelier has definitely seen its day and now it has an opportunity to be reused for a whole new function!  I love every chance I get to upcycle old items that would have otherwise been thrown out, giving them new life and purpose.

Of course, I decided that I needed a hummingbird feeder for myself, so I picked out this chandelier also.  I had some slightly different plans to integrate a hanging basket with this feeder!

diy hummingbird feeder


Supplies Needed for a Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder

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Old chandelier – check out your local Restore! Each was $10.

Hummingbird feeders – I used these for my mom’s feeder and these for my hanging basket feeder!

Spray paint – Use whatever color you prefer but I used this red spray paint for mom’s and this oil-rubbed bronze for mine.

Ant moatThis ant moat is great for keeping ants out of your feeder!  Hummingbirds won’t come near it if ants are trying to drink their sugar water.

Baby food jars or small spice containers – I used baby food jars but they also have these online.

Yellow Rhinestone Jewels – I used something like this.

Velcro – Velcro even comes in an Extreme Outdoor version now.

Hot Glue Gun / Glue Sticks

Hammer, large nail

Chain, wire, and S-hooks, as needed

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DIY Chandelier Hummingbird Feeder – The Process

1. First, take off any wires, bulbs, or other hardware that you will not be needing.  I used some wire cutters to help this process go a little faster.

2. Next, you want to wipe off any dust from your chandelier.   It doesn’t need to be perfect but you don’t want your spray paint adhering to a layer of dust as opposed to the metal (and mine definitely had a thick layer of dust!).

diy hummingbird feeder

2.  Because I didn’t know what to do with the parts of the chandelier that held the bulbs, I decided to add tiny feeders using baby food jars.  After I took out the lighting hardware there was a small area that stood up in the middle of this section and I needed a flat surface for the baby food jars.  So, I glued in some lids of various sizes to make it flat with my E6000 glue.

diy hummingbird feeder

3. Spray paint is one of the few things that really does require following the instructions on the can.  Most spray paint will say that you can re-coat either within an hour OR after 48 hours.  Don’t make the same mistake I have and try to re-coat 24 hours later.  The paint will inevitably start to peel away from the piece.

diy hummingbird feeder

I sprayed the bottom of my feeder first and then hung it from my daughter’s swing-set to finish spraying it.  You could also use a tree limb. Shake the can before spraying and also slightly shake it as you are spraying. Spray one light coat over the piece.

You are not trying to get full coverage yet; you just want to get a thin first coat on and it will look very spotty.  Then, wait ten minutes and do another thin coat.  Every 10 minutes do a very light coat until your piece looks covered in paint.  This method will save you from having drips and having to re-coat after 48 hours.

You also might want to spray any hardware or S-hooks used to attach the feeders to the chandelier.  Let the chandelier and hooks dry for 48 hours.

4.  After cleaning out the baby food jars, I made a small hole in the lid with my hammer and nail.   (I also spray painted the lids red but if you use small spice jars, they are already red.)

diy hummingbird feeder

5.  Now, attach the jewels with hot glue to make a flower around the hole.  Hummingbirds like shiny things so they will find these small feeders with their yellow jewels to be irresistible.  I used pieces of velcro to hold the tiny baby jar feeders in place so the wind doesn’t blow them off.  The velcro also allows for easy removal when it is time to refill the feeders.

diy hummingbird feeder

6.  After your chandelier has dried 48 hours, you can fill your feeders with sugar water and hang them on the chandelier.  Hang your feeder in a location that doesn’t get full sun all day so that the nectar doesn’t spoil as quickly.

diy hummingbird feeder

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Add one part sugar to four parts water and boil to remove any bacteria.  Fill your feeders and store the rest in the refrigerator.  Be sure to skip the red food coloring because it is actually dangerous for hummingbirds.

Didn’t it turn out cute?!? The shine of the spray paint gives it an unexpected touch of class.

diy hummingbird feeder

Now you can gather the supplies for your own feeder to fill your backyard with hummingbirds.

To attract even more hummingbirds and butterflies, you can add flowering plants into your landscape design as I discussed in my post 10 Steps To Affordable Curb Appeal.

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Mom was pleasantly surprised with her red chandelier hummingbird feeder and I love how mine turned out as well.  I added a hanging basket to mine to also attract hummingbirds.

diy hummingbird feeder
I love taking old items and giving them a whole new purpose.  I can’t help to think about the “life” this chandelier had before I found it.  If you told this chandelier it was going to be a hummingbird feeder, it would probably tell you you were crazy (you know…assuming chandeliers could talk and that they cared about their life calling.)
It made me think of something our pastor said a couple of weeks ago at church. He posed this question:
Will you obey God even when His commands don’t make sense?
Sometimes God tells us to do things that are seemingly out of left field.  It’s as if every fiber of our being is telling us this new course correction flies in the face of our long-held plans and agendas.
However, if we take our eyes off our own course and pivot in the direction of the unexpected, He might just surprise us.  We are sure to be blessed by the incredible plans He has always had in store.
diy hummingbird feeder
The chandelier’s story doesn’t end in a trash heap, but instead, it is given new life, and a new purpose.  Thankfully we have the same story in Christ.

Life Lesson:

God is leading you in a direction that seems strange or at least unexpected, know that one day it WILL make all the sense in the world.  You will be thankful you stepped out in faith even when it didn’t make sense at the time.

diy hummingbird feeder

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diy hummingbird feeder
diy hummingbird feeder

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  1. I like this idea. My neighbors and I meet every Friday evening during the summer and have enjoyed watching those wonderful birds. They get very territorial and it is fun to watch them fight for a seat at the hummingbird bar for their liquid treat. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    1. YES, they are so fun to watch. One time I sat and drank some coffee a few feet from the feeder and I finally decided to move because they were getting so feisty! Thanks for your comment Teri!

  2. How do the hummingbirds eat out of the baby food jars? Won’t the sugar water evaporate and make it impossible for the hummingbird beaks to get to it?

  3. Dear Karen,
    Greetings from Canada! Just stumbled unto your page and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
    So gonna steal the hummingbird chandelier feeder idea!
    We’re just getting into the gardening season up here in Zone 5-6. Tulips are strutting their colors, as are the magnolias.
    I have a HUGE front yard that is all grass and weeds right now. So looking to “borrow” ideas so I don’t have to take out a second mortgage just pay a landscaper! Will send along some pics along the journey–if you’d like me to?!
    Stay safe! Stay well!

      1. I planted one 10 yesterday ago and so enjoy watching
        the life cycle of it, buds setting in fall till the last fragrance in summer.

  4. This is adorable. My cats would love watching all the hummingbirds. And it looks like a fun project to make too! Now I’m on the hunt for some things to upcycle. 🙂

    1. It really is! I had fun picking it out and getting it exactly how I wanted it. I think a turquoise one would be pretty too. I hear hummingbirds like other colors instead of just red. Thank you for stopping by Tessa!

  5. I love this idea, and it does sound like the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I, too, am a huge fan of my local Restore. I’ve lost count of how many things I’ve bought there to style my home! This feeder is nice because it’s functional, but it’s also a statement piece. Have you gotten any comments from neighbors about it? It looks like it has curb appeal. Anyway, excuse my fangirling, but it’s a great post, and your blog is very uplifting, too.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words! Yes, it is a great mom gift. My mom loved it…granted, she would love a toaster that I had spray painted and hung from her back porch. Thanks for stopping by Lela!

  6. What a wonderful idea! I love working in my garden. It reminds me every day of all the beauty and love God has for us. I truly enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for reaching out to others sharing the live of Christ!

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