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51 of the Best Christian Gifts for Women, (2023 Gift Guide)


Unique Christian Gifts for Friends And Family

Don’t settle for buying yet another Amazon gift card!  It’s just as easy to get what she REALLY wants with this list of the best Christian gifts for women!

Whether you are looking for an inspirational gift, something fun and practical or a surprise for the Christian woman who has everything, this list has several unique gift ideas that are perfect for her!

Every year for Mother’s Day and Christmas, my husband Jeremy takes our daughter to Walgreens to get me a gift.  I’m not sure how they decided on Walgreens but it means a lot to me that they take the time to do this every year!

the best gifts for christian women
The Best Christian Gifts for Women

Sometimes I will get bright blue nail polish and other times I might get some new bubble bath but they usually always know to get me a spiral journal!

They both know how much I love to journal during my Bible study and prayer time.  The prayer journals always put a big smile on my face, not only because they are from my two favorite people on Earth but ALSO because they encourage my relationship with my Father in Heaven. 

Jeremy and Morgan know that my Bible study time is important to me and their gift makes it even more special and encourages me to spend more time in prayer.

If you have a Christian woman in your life, there is no better gift than one that will encourage or inspire her faith.  It doesn’t have to be big and showy but an inspirational gift supports and encourages what is most important to her – her relationship with God! 

This gift guide is full of cool Christian gifts that will bless her long after she has opened the box! 

The gifts on this list are not gimmicky but are items she will actually wear, use, and enjoy while they also encourage her faith.  Whether it’s for your mom, wife, daughter, or BFF, look no further to find the perfect gift that will make their day!

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How to Find Unique Gifts for a Christian Woman…

Whether you are looking for a gift for a family member or close friend, it goes without saying that one person’s likes and dislikes can be completely different than another’s. But there is one thing all Christian women have in common – their love for Jesus!

So, whether you want to give a meaningful gift or opt for something more practical, you can always find great options that inspire her faith in God.

No matter if you are doing Christmas shopping or looking for the perfect birthday gift, you are sure to find several faith-based gifts for the special women in your life with this list of ‘Christian gifts for her’. For everything from handmade artisan jewelry to water bottles to fun subscription boxes, you are sure to find something she will love that also fits her love language!

Christian Gifts for Friends

This list of gifts is especially helpful if you are looking for the perfect gift for close friends as there are gifts for whatever your best friend is into – jewelry, t-shirts, plants, journaling, and several other categories.

There’s also a list of Christian Gifts for Friends under $10 below that has great options for coworkers, church friends and neighbors. I’ve used several of these low cost gift ideas for teacher gifts. Also, don’t be surprised if you find a few things that you want to gift to yourself!

Christian Jewelry for Women

Christian Gifts for Women With A Purpose – Artisan Jewelry From The Embera Bead Project

What to get for the woman that has everything?  Consider giving her a gift for an amazing cause!

The Embera Bead Project works to help indigenous families living in Medellin, Colombia to help fight poverty and restore hope one bead at a time. The profits from each unit sold go directly to help families meet basic living needs, and take a step toward a better life.

Missionaries work alongside them sharing the gospel and Bible stories as they help meet their physical needs.  To learn more and see their wide selection of jewelry, click here: Embera Bead Project (click here for options and prices)

‘I Am With You Always’ Necklace

Inspirational Christian jewelry is a subtle way to provide encouragement and inspiration.  When my sister-in-law Kristen went off to college, Jeremy’s mom gave her a bracelet with Matthew 28:20 that says “I Am With You Always.”  This necklace below reminded me of it. 

What a great way to remind a friend or family member that God will always be with them even when you can’t.  It comes in silver, gold, or rose gold: I Am With You Always Christian Necklace (see the current price here)

christian gifts for women


Lord’s Prayer Morse Code Bracelet/Necklace

“I gave my mother-in-law a pretty beaded necklace that had the Lord’s Prayer in morse code. I liked that it was a subtle reminder.” – Kelsey S.

My friend Kelsey gave me the idea for this beautiful piece that spells out Scripture with morse code!  This one is the Lord’s Prayer and you can click below for other Scripture options.  It can be used as a Christian bracelet or necklace and comes in different color options here: Morse Code Jewelry

Faith As a Mustard Seed Necklace

One of my favorite gifts for Christian women is this dainty pendant necklace that actually contains a preserved mustard seed in resin.  It is based on Matthew 17:20.  This necklace is perfect for either the sporty girl or for dressing up with other elegant jewelry. This necklace is a great way to wear your faith, and I will definitely be adding this to my own wish list: It also comes in sterling silver here: Mustard Seed Necklace (Click here for the current price.)

Wearable Gifts For a Christian Woman

Christian t-shirts are great for the woman that has everything because she can always use something to wear. Not only are Christian shirts a practical gift but they also encourage her in her faith.

Grace Definition Shirt (Click Here For Lots of Other Designs & Color Options)


Why Y’all Tryin’ To Test The Jesus In Me Shirt (Click for Color Options)

christian gifts for women

Faith Over Fear T-Shirt (Click Here For More Color Options)

Somewhere Between Proverbs 31 and Madea Shirt (Click Here for Color Options)

It Is Well With My Soul Shirt (Click Here For Color Options)

christian gifts for women

Subscription Boxes (Unique Gifts for Her)

Trying to find the perfect gift for the woman that has everything? Try a subscription box! A monthly subscription box is a truly thoughtful present and better way to give unique gifts that she will LOVE! They also make the perfect Christmas gift since their gifts will be spread out through the new year. Subscription boxes that make a perfect Christian gift:

HopeBox | FaithBox | She Reads Truth | Loved + Blessed | The Believer’s Box | The Delilah Box

Personalized Gifts for Christian Women

Personalized religious gifts always make the most meaningful gifts. Below are several thoughtful gifts that come personalized for no additional charge.

Personalized Scripture Wall Art (Click Here for More Good Gift Choices)

Not only is the wall art below personalized but it also contains an inspiring message making it a perfect addition to her home decor.

Personalized Journals With Gold Script (Click Here for Design Options)

Personalized Tote Bags

Tote bags make a great gift for Christian women who attend Bible study. They make it so easy to carry their Bible, workbook, and any other Bible study material:  Striped Tote Bags with Monogram (CLICK HERE DESIGN OPTIONS)

Personalized Books of Truth

These books from In Awe Handmade Gifts are overflowing with truth and make awesome Scripture gifts. You can pick from 60 Bible verses to serve as an encouraging reminder for someone special in your life.

Books of Truth are an awesome gift for new believers, teens, adults, elderly shut-ins, or someone that just needs some extra encouragement. They are also a great gift for kids as a birthday surprise for new readers or a child going through first communion. Click here to see Books of Truth and so many other personalized Christian gifts: In Awe Handmade Gifts & Stationery (Click here for current prices and options)

book of truth from in awe handmade gift

Christian Inspirational Gifts for Home

Bible Verse Signs

CherieKay Signs has lots of gorgeous reminders of the truth of God’s Word that will provide her with constant encouragement and inspiration.  Below is just one of her beautiful signs and you can see the rest here: Farmhouse Scripture Signs by CherieKay Signs (Click here to see the current price).  

To see more Scripture wall art, click here:  Bible Verse Wall Art, or to make you own, click here: Easy Farmhouse Sign Tutorial (No Freehanding or Cricut Needed).

More Christian Wall Art Ideas

My post on Cute Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Scripture has more wall art options that would make great gifts!  They are all under $30 and most come with free shipping.

While there are lots of options on Amazon, be sure to also check out the individual companies on etsy. Local stores like Hobby Lobby, Christian book stores or other gift stores also have great Christian gift ideas for a special woman in your life.

A Candle with Scripture

One of my sweet readers had a great suggestion when asked about Christian gifts for women:

As a gift, someone gave me a candle with inspirational Bible verses on it. What made it special was that she took a cheap Walmart candle and made it awesome by using a sharpie and writing out verses all the way around, top to bottom… verses that she said she would pray over me. Every time I lit it, I would think of that and feel comforted!  – Erin S.

I absolutely love this idea because it’s so simple, yet so meaningful.  You can do the above DIY version with Bible verses or inspirational messages. If you want one that is ready to ship, check out this cute candle with one of my favorite verses: Sweet Water Decor Be Still And Know Candle

christian gifts for women

Scripture Throw Pillows and Blankets

There are lots of cute options for throw pillows and blankets with Scripture and quotes but I especially like the ones from Rooted and Grounded Cotton Goods.  Who wouldn’t want to see this pillow every night before laying their head down?!?  You can get your own here: Give It To God And Go To Sleep Pillow

What Is A Prayer Box?

Several years ago, I told a friend about my struggle with worrying about things that I have already prayed about and she let me in on the best idea!  She said to write down my prayer request on a piece a paper (just a few words because God knows all the details). 
Then, she said to pray over it and trust that it is in God’s hands. 
Next, she said to fold up the piece of paper and put it in the prayer box.  There is nothing spiritual about a prayer box but the act of putting the prayer request in the box helps me to remember that I have already given it to God.  In other words, I have trusted it in His hands, and I need to leave it there.
By worrying about it and re-praying the same prayer, I was in a sense saying “God, I want this back to worrying about and I can solve it on my own.”  I still use this trick today and it has been a big help to strengthen my faith. 
Also, I go through the box every so often and pin answered prayers to my bulletin board.  It’s a great source of encouragement to go back and remember God’s faithfulness to all the prayers He has answered!

You can use any box or even a beautiful Christian mug as a place to put your prayers, but here is the link to one like mine below: Wooden Keepsake Box

christian gifts for women

If you want something a little smaller, the Natural Life Prayer Cards Box will also work really well: Natural Life Prayer Box with Pencil and Notecards

Bibles and Bible Study Gifts for Women

Whether your friend is a new believer or has been a Christian for years, a new Bible or Bible study book is a great gift as there are so many new Bible study resources on the market. They come in different formats, colors, and versions so there is something for everyone!

ESV Study Bible for Women

Of course, there are several options out there when it comes to Bibles for women.  For the longest time, I wanted a study Bible that was in the ESV translation that I liked.  Recently, Crossway published the ESV Woman’s Study Bible (click here to check the current price) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! 

Words cannot express how happy I am with this Bible.  The commentary notes are from some of my favorite Christian authors like Jen Wilkin, Lauren Chandler, and Ann Voskamp.  Also, the way several of the verses are illustrated is absolutely beautiful – making it even more of a treat to spend time in God’s Word.

christian gifts for women

I waited a while to buy the perfect Bible and I’m so glad I settled on The ESV Study Bible for Women (click here for more pictures and the current price)!  (For more women’s study Bible options click here: Bibles for Women.)

christian gifts for women

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Journaling Bible

A journaling Bible is one with lots of space in the margins for extra notes and illustrations.  Many women love to journal as a form of worship as they study Scripture.  There are several great options for Bible journalers. 

christian gifts for women

My friend Lillian at Hey Creative Sister is an artist at Bible journaling and makes it super easy for anyone!  Her favorite journaling Bible (read why here) is the Illustrated Bible by Dayspring (click here for the current price).  It has super wide margins and lots of room for journaling. See more color options by clicking here.

Candace Cameron Bure One Step Closer Bible

If you like the New Living Translation, Candace Cameron Bure has her own Bible with wide margins and lots of Bible study tips including application notes, a help finder index, and callouts that highlight God’s promises to you. She also offers several Bible studies, devotional books, and daily prayer books like Joy and Strength and Beautifully Broken. In her devotional book Bring on the Merry she highlights how to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. You can find her Bible, devotional books, and prayer cards here: Candace Cameron Bure Collection

Click here for Bibles, devotionals and other Amazon religious gifts by Candance Cameron Bure

Bible Covers

Bible covers are also a great idea if you want to help protect the Bible you are giving her or the one she currently has. There are lots of options with unlimited designs and colors to choose from. Not only do they protect your Bible from wear and tear but they also have pockets for pens and highlighters. You can even have her name monogrammed on the front for an additional cost. I love these Bible covers because they are streamlined and modern. I also love that they come in a cognac color: Baum Personalized Bible Cover

The Best Bible Study Highlighters

Having the right tools for Bible study makes your time more effective.  I would be lost without my highlighters to help me focus on important verses. 

But not all highlighters are the same.  For the thin pages of your average Bible, you want a highlighter that will not bleed through the pages like the Bible Study Gel Highlighters (Click here to check the current price).

christian gifts for women

Erasable Pens for Bible Study

I’m kind of addicted to these new erasable pens by Frixion that are life-changing!  I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about messing up in something as important as my Bible (who am I kidding, my inner perfectionist doesn’t like messing up on a sticky note either!)  

This pack has several colors and also black erasable pens: Frixion Erasable Colored Pens (click here to check the current price).

christian gifts for women

Bible Tabs From Farm Girl Journals

So I recently discovered Farm Girl Journals and it is basically one-stop shopping for everything you need for studying the Bible – and it’s all super cute! 

The one downside to the Study Bible I mention above is that it doesn’t have tabs but Katie at Farm Girl Inspirational Journals has got you covered.  Below is just one of the cute designs she has in her shop and you can click here to see them all: Fun Bible Tabs (click here to see several design options).

Bible Study Journals From Farm Girl Journals

Another popular item in Katie’s store is her Bible study journals.  These are full-sized Christian journals with cute cover designs but the coolest aspect is that they have all kinds of prompts and guides inside to make your study and application of God’s word a seamless process.  

christian gifts for women

This journal is customizable to what you need!  You can pick from several beautiful design option and even your format by clicking here: Bible Study Journals (click here to see the selection).

Blank Journals for Bible Study and Prayer

You can’t go wrong with a spiral journal!  It can be used for Bible study or as a prayer journal.  I have bought lots of journals here but my favorite is this one because it not only comes in several design options but the paper is nice and thick.  I also love the way the date options are laid out on top.  You can see the inside here: Spiral Bible Journal for Women

christian gifts for women

Christian Planner for Women

I’m currently reading Crystal Stine’s book Holy Hustle on how to work and rest well for God. In it, she presents the world’s desire to hustle and be productive while some Christians heavily emphasize the importance of rest and soul care. In the book, she presents what Scripture has to say about work and rest and shows that God affirms both. I really needed to read this book and I hope you find it helpful too: Holy Hustle

Crystal Stine also has a planner that goes along with the biblical concepts in her book. It’s really the ultimate gift for anyone that wants to work and rest to glorify God: The Holy Hustle Planner

Christian Books, Devotionals and Bible Studies For Women

The Lazy Genius, New York Times Best Seller,  by Kendra Adachi

Kendra Adachi, the creator of the Lazy Genius movement, invites you to live well by your own definition and equips you to be a genius about what matters and lazy about what doesn’t.

Everything from your morning routine to napping without guilt falls into place with Kendra’s thirteen Lazy Genius principles.  Any Christian woman in your life will adore this book as it will help her focus on what’s important to herThe Lazy Genius (click here for the current price).

best gifts for christian women

Beholding and Becoming by Ruth Chou Simons

Recently I discovered Ruth Chou Simons’ Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship.  Not only is it a Wall Street Journal Best Seller, but it is full of her own illustrations. 

The artwork is absolutely beautiful but her words are equally (if not more) captivating!  This is also a wonderful gift for friends or family members that will enrich their quiet time with the Lord!  You can find Beholding and Becoming along with her other books here:  Books by Ruth Chou Simons

best gifts for christian women

Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith

One of my favorite books on home decorating is Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith where she explains that your house doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. 

Her tips work well for any home decor style!  Full of easy, real-life examples, Myquillyn shares her best ideas for making a house a home: Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith (click here for the current price).

best gifts for christian women

Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines

#1 New York Times Best Seller Magnolia Table is infused with Joanna Gaines’ warmth and passion for all things family, prepared and served straight from the heart of her home, with recipes inspired by dozens of Gaines family favorites and classic comfort selections from the couple’s new Waco restaurant, Magnolia Table

You can also find volume 2 of Magnolia Table here.

best gifts for christian women

More Books and Devotionals for Christian Women

Need great gift ideas for book lovers? I have a full list of over 40 of the best books for Christian women by type and genre here:  The Best Books for Christian Women (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST)

Christian Gifts for Women that Love Coffee

I had to include these coffee mugs with verses and cute coffee sayings.  Click here to see all the design options: Simple Inspirations Gift Mugs

best gifts for christian women

Water Bottles Make a Great Gift for Christian Women

Water bottles have been so popular lately and they make a great Christian gift. Not only is a water bottle a practical gift but several online have Bible verses. Since she will have it throughout the day, it will be a great reminder of God’s love that’s always with her! You can even pick between glass and stainless steel. For various colors and different styles to choose from click here: Water Bottles with God’s Word

Gifts for a Christian Woman That Loves Plants

Faith Succulent Gift Box – Click Here For Dozens Of Options

As someone who loves Jesus, succulents, and getting things in the mail, I HAD to include this!  There’s even an option to add lip balm to the gift box.  Click here for all the different gift options: Succulent Gift Options (Click here for prices)

Gifts for Christian Friends Under $10

Here are some low-cost gift ideas, whether you need Christian gifts for bible study ladies, neighbors, or friends!  These also make great stocking stuffers!

Cell Phone Case with Bible Verses (8 Designs to Choose From)

best gifts for christian women

 Not only are there 8 pretty designs to choose from, but each has an encouraging Scripture verse or inspiring message.

Scripture Memory Cards

These Scripture Memory cards are beautiful and a fun way to memorize Scripture.  I like to put one out on my desk in a wooden place cardholder as a constant reminder of the truth of God’s Word.

best gifts for christian women

Keep Calm and Trust God Cards

This is a great gift for worriers like me.  This set includes 51 double-sided cards with encouraging Bible verses.

best gifts for Christian women

Drink Tumbler with Bible Verses (4 To Choose From)

best gifts for Christian women

Clip-On Book Light

This little book light clips onto her favorite book or Bible and comes in several designs to choose from:  Clip-On Book Light Design Options

best gifts for Christian women

Personalized Wooden Bookmark

This personalized wooden bookmark is technically $10.99.  But it was too cute not to include as you can’t go wrong with personalized gifts for her.  You can see all the options to order here: Personalized Wooden Bookmarks

Encouraging Psalm 61:2 Key Chain

best gifts for Christian women

Gifts for Bible Study Ladies

The above gifts are great Christian friendship gifts, as well, as they are low-cost but can still be personalized. Also, you will get a break on shipping by buying several. For example, if I lead a Bible study of 7 women, the wooden bookmark would be a great gift that was the same for everyone but still personalized because of the name. The choices above are also an ideal gift for a favorite Christian woman like a Sunday school teacher or as a teacher appreciation gift.

Gifts for A Christian Woman That Loves Essential Oils- The Aroma of Worship

This is a great resource for showing how essential oils were used in the Bible and the greatness of our Creator that made them.

best gifts for Christian women

Christian Gifts for Girls: What Gift Do Girls Really Want?

The Bravery Bag (Buy 1 and a 2nd is Donated To A Child In Foster Care!)

My friend Terri is exceptionally skilled at sewing and one of the most popular items in her Etsy Shop Blue House Joys is the Bravery Bag! 

There is something very special about this bag. Not only is it a handmade gift but when you purchase this bag, a second bag is made and donated to a child in the foster care system.

Many children in foster care have little to no belongings and the few things they do have are often carried in a trash bag.  The Bravery Bag is something they can have of their own during this hard time and will also be prayed over before it is given to him or her.

This is a great bag for girls whether it’s for dance, sleepovers, or sports activities.  It will also help a child in foster care to know that they are loved and they can be brave during this time of transition and unknown. To see more color options click here: Bravery Bag Design Options

Fearless Faith Devotional

This is a great devotional for girls or tweens.  I read this book to my daughter before bed every night and she was really interested and engaged in each day’s entry. 

best gifts for Christian girls

She even asked questions about faith in God.  This engaging devotional is written by Melanie Shankle and you can see reviews here: Fearless Faith Devotional


Cherished Girl Shirts (Click Here For Lots of Design Options)

best gifts for Christian women


DIY Christian Gifts for Women

FREE Scripture Printables – Over 2 Dozen to Choose From!

These FREE Scripture wall art printables make a great gift, whether you want to give her a favorite verse for her desk or make a whole wall collage.  There are several different Bible verses for you to pick from and they are all FREE! You can click here to see how to make them and how to make them look like hand-painted signs here:  Easy Farmhouse Scripture Printables (FREE Downloads!)

FREE Scripture Printable Wall Art

Here’s where you can get your free printable wall art with over 2 dozen verses to choose from!  Get the password for the library with all of my free printables including wall art, checklists, and templates by filling out this form:


The Easy Way to Make a Farmhouse Sign – No Cricut or Freehanding Required!

Here’s a tutorial on how to add a verse or quote to any sign or wall art!  You don’t even need a Cricut or even good handwriting.  Who wouldn’t want a sign made just for them with their favorite Bible verse?

Fingerprint Wreath Wall Art

This is a great project for kids to make for their mom or grandma!  It can be displayed all year round and is made with acrylic paint and fingerprints.  I also share where you can get the pre-made sign.  See the full tutorial here: Fingerprint Wall Art For The Whole Family

FAQ’s on The Best Religious Gifts for Her:

Does This List of “Unique Christian Gifts For Her” Work For All Special Occasions?

This list includes lots of unique religious gifts for various occasions: Christmas Gift Ideas, Mother’s Day Gift Ideas, or even Christian Birthday Gifts for Her. You might even be looking for some ideas for your own Christmas list!

What Do You Get a Christian Woman for Christmas?

You can get a Christian woman any kind of gift you want like a massage gift card, necklace, or a great book. It doesn’t have to be a spiritual or religious gift. BUT if you want something that will encourage or inspire her faith, this post is a great place to get ideas.

Where is the best place to buy Religious Gifts for Her?

Honestly, I love shopping at Amazon and the purpose of this list to give lots of options that will come just as fast as an Amazon gift card. Etsy is just as fast in many cases and supports small businesses and it’s a great place to find baptism gifts. I also like to buy wall art at Hobby Lobby or local Christian bookstores. For willow tree figurines, check out your local Hallmark store. Click here for ideas online: Christian Gifts, Amazon

What do you buy a Christian woman who has EVERYTHING?

I love the concept of subscription boxes as they are truly unique religious gifts. The godly woman in your life is sure to receive well-reviewed products she probably hasn’t seen yet. Also, if you are giving at a Christmas list, she will continue to receive boxes well past the holiday season making subscription boxes thoughtful gifts that keep on giving through the year.

Also, consider handmade Christian gifts because you are sure to get her something she doesn’t already have. There are so many good choices for fair trade faith-based gifts on Etsy and you can give them your email address to sign up for exclusive offers.

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Final Thoughts The Best Gifts for Religious Women

Don’t forget to download your FREE Scripture Wall Art.  To get your printables, sign up for my weekly newsletter which also grants you free access to my resource library full of wall art printables, checklists, and project plans!

Now you have some easy gift ideas for the Christian women in your life.  All of the gifts on this list are not only fun, practical, and beautiful but they will be a reminder of how much her heavenly Father loves her.  Whether you are looking for something for a birthday surprise, Christmas gift, or unique anniversary gift, any one of these will no doubt be a source of inspiration and encouragement!

christian gifts for women

I love to hear your thoughts and questions!  Scroll down to leave a comment and I WILL reply! ❤️







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Christian Gifts for Women, YouTube Video

Here are some more great ideas from YouTuber, Hannah Denton:

Unique Gifts for a Christian Woman

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