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Easiest DIY Front Door Mat Tutorial on a Budget, 2024

make layered doormats

Budget-Friendly DIY Layered Doormats

You don’t have to spend a lot to make a great first impression with this easy diy front door mat tutorial and video!

Love the look of layered doormats but not the cost? This DIY doormat tutorial shows you how to make layered doormats with fabric covers to change out for every season…or just because it’s a Tuesday!

Layered doormats are such a cute way to make your front door decor more inviting!  The contrast of a large patterned rug against a stenciled coir mat is such a fun way to dress up your porch.

I don’t know about you but I have a hard time picking just one combination!  Fortunately, there’s a budget-friendly way around that:

DIY Layered Rug + DIY Stenciled Mat = Affordable Front Door Decor for Each Season

Instead of buying new layered doormats for every holiday, you can easily make your own!  This tutorial shows you how to make a fabric cover for your doormat that can be easily removed and even washed.  You can also pick from 6 free stencils for your coir mat.

So whether you want a new look for the upcoming season or just because you’re in the mood for a change, you can easily change out the doormat cover!  I also show you how to easily stencil the top coir doormat – no Cricut required!!!

This is a great tutorial for you if you:

  • don’t want to spend a fortune on your front door decor
  • want lots of decor options for layered doormats
  • like to decorate your front porch for every season
  • want a cute doormat that can stand up to dirt but is also washable!
  • don’t have a Cricut machine but still want to make a cute stenciled coir mat on a budget!

DIY Personalized Door mat Tutorial with DIY Layered Rug (FREE Stencils to Download!)

make layered doormats

How to Make Layered Doormats: Supplies –

Plain Coir Doormat (18 x 30)

Outdoor Acrylic Paint

Spouncer and Art Brush 

White Cardstock

Painter’s Tape or Masking Tape

Scotchgard Waterproofing Spray

Scissors – I love these and use them for everything! They are so much easier than using an x-acto knife.

Letter Stencils – To save a little bit of time, you can also buy pre-made vinyl stencils

Large Rubber Mat –  This is the best one: Home Depot Commercial Door Mat    *For a free option, you can get a vinyl flooring remnant from a local flooring store and cut it to size with a utility knife.

White Shower Curtain or White Spray Paint (OPTIONAL) If your fabric is light or white, you might need to cover your black mat with a white shower curtain as a base material so the black doesn’t show through.  You could also spray paint the larger mat with white paint.

Large Zots You can find these at HObby Lobby or your local craft store.

Outdoor or Thick Fabric – Get enough so you have 8 inches more material on every side of your rubber mat.  I got 2 yards but I had to cut some off of my rubber mat to fit my small porch.  For small amounts of lots of fun fabric, I like to shop here:  Outdoor Fabric Options

4 Large Safety Pins

31 Easy DIY Projects to Add Serious Character To Your HomeDownload this FREE guide by clicking here.


DIY Front Door Mat Tutorial & Video

make layered mats

Step 1:  How To Make a Front Door Mat (No Cricut Required!)

If you don’t own a Cricut Maker or Silhouette, you can still make a cute stenciled doormat by making your own stencil as I show you here.  

For your stenciled doormat you have two options.  You can either use one of the templates here or you can make your own template.

To Download One of My DIY Doormat Stencils:

Subscribe to the Weekly Newsletter HERE to get any of the templates below.

If you are already a subscriber, click the FREE PRINTABLES LIBRARY link here and use the password at the end of your last email.

Save your template of choice and go to Adobe Acrobat Reader and open up your sign. (Download Acrobat HERE if you don’t already have it.)  Click on the print menu and click on Poster under Page Sizing and Handling and it will set up your sign to print separate pages.   Be sure to print out the pages on cardstock!

Here are the DIY Door mat options for download on the buffalo plaid rug I made:

Personalized Door mat Template (See instructions below to make your own DIY doormat!)

Hello Sunshine DIY Doormat Template

Joshua 24:15 DIY Doormat Template

Hope You Like Dog Hair DIY Doormat Template

Fall Welcome Mat Ideas and FREE Files

Hey There Pumpkin DIY Welcome Doormat Template

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice DIY Doormat Template

Pumpkin and Football DIY Doormat Template

fall diy layered mat

Christmas Front Door Mat Ideas and FREE Stencil Files 

Here Comes Amazon DIY Doormat Template

Merry & Bright DIY Holiday Doormat Template

Bye Buddy!  Hope You Find Your Dad DIY Doormat Template

Merry Christmas with Family Name DIY Doormat Template (see the instructions below to make your own custom doormat)

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal DIY Doormat Template

Hallmark Movies DIY Doormat Template

Please Hide Packages From Husband

To get the rest of my porch ideas, click here:  Easy DIY Christmas Front Porch Decor.

christmas diy layered mat

To see how the rest of my front porch looked for Christmas, click here: Christmas Front Porch Ideas on a Budget

christmas front porch ideas


How to Make Your Own DIY Door mat Stencil:

To make your own doormat design, go to my post here for instructions with pictures: Easy DIY Farmhouse Sign

Follow those instructions on Step 3, but you can access a free blank template for an 18 x 30-inch doormat by subscribing here:  Blank Template

I used a free program called Photoscape X that you can download HERE.  Click the option for the free trial (which you can use forever).

  • Download the blank template or the personalized door mat stencil by clicking above.
  • Upload the blank template into Photoscape by clicking “Editor” at the top left and by opening the file on the left side of the top menu.
  • Now you can start working on your layout by selecting “Insert” at the top right and then “Text” to the right of that. Insert your wording with any fonts already on your computer and expand text boxes easily to get them the size you prefer.  Click “Apply” when done and click Save at the bottom right.
  • Convert your jpg file to a pdf for free by going to zamzar.com. (It has to be a pdf file to open it in Adobe Reader, which allows you to print the poster format).  Just upload your file and select that you want a pdf and it will email you the new file.  Easy Peasy!
  • Go to Adobe Acrobat Reader and open the pdf version of your sign. (Download Acrobat HERE if you don’t already have it.)  Click on the print menu and click on Poster under Page Sizing and Handling and it will set up your sign to print separate pages.  Now, you can print on your white cardstock!

For a DIY Monogram Doormat, use this font: Free Monogram Font

diy doormat

DIY Front Door mat: YouTube Video

There is also a video that goes with this post, if it doesn’t pop up, you can also view it here on my YouTube channel: DIY Door Mat Video (YouTube)


Step 2:  Make a DIY Doormat Stencil

Before taping together the stencil pages, use your scissors or a craft knife to cut out the letters of the stencil.  Also, cut off the bottom and right edge of each page. 

Then, use the lines to help you line up the pages and tape them together with scotch tape. You will not cut out the lines, they are just to help you keep the pages straight.

diy doormat


Step 3:  Tape Your Stencil to Your Plain Door mat

Put your plain door mat on a large surface and center the stencil on the top.  Then, use painter’s tape to tape each side to keep it in place.

make layered doormats


Step 4:  How to Paint a DIY Front Door mat

Now, use your spouncer or a stiff brush to dab (use down motions) black paint on your mat.  Make sure to get the edges of the stencil well. You can fill in the inside of the letters and other small details after taking the stencil off to smooth any rough edges with a little bit of paint on your paint brush. 

After you have painted the outline of your doormat, undo the painters tape, carefully lift off the stencil.  I let my paint outline dry overnight at this point.

diy doormat


Step 5: Fill in Your DIY Stenciled Doormat

Now, I used a brush to fill in my lettering with the black acrylic paint again.  

diy doormat

Let your painted doormat dry completely or you can speed up drying with a blow dryer (but not a heat gun).

Step 6: Seal Your DIY Doormat with Flex Seal (Optional)

After letting your coir mat dry, you want to seal your DIY doormat to protect it from the elements.  Spray a coat of CLEAR Flex Seal over your mat.  Be sure to do this outside and put something under it to protect your garage or driveway from the FlexSeal spray.  You can get it here:  Clear Flex Seal Spray

make layered doormats

How to Make a DIY Doormat with a Removable Fabric Cover

While your coir mat is drying, you can start to work on the lower mat.  We will be covering a commercial rubber mat with fabric and will also seal it.  You can get some welcome mat ideas here for the pattern and color of your mat fabric:

DIY Front Door Mat Ideas

Step 1: Pick your Door Mat Fabric

You want to use a fabric that is thick like outdoor fabric or canvas.   Here are some cute options to give you some ideas:  Fabric on Etsy

diy doormat

Fabric Welcome Matt Ideas

Red Plaid Door Mat FabricOrange and Gray Door Mat Fabric | Black Buffalo Check Door Mat Fabric | Aqua Geometric Door Mat Fabric | Navy Buffalo Check Door Mat Fabric | Navy Striped Rug Fabric

Step 2: Pick the Right Size for Your Layered Doormat and Rug

Get enough fabric so you have 8 extra inches of material on every side of your rubber mat.  I got 2 yards of fabric but I had to trim off some of my rubber mat to fit my small front porch.  I trimmed it using a utility knife on the floor of my garage.

If you want an even cheaper option than the commercial rubber mat, you can call around to flooring stores in your area to see if they have any linoleum 

Layered doormat sizes:  Coir mats are typically 18″ x 30″ inches.  The rubber mat I’m recommending is  36″ x 48″.  I wouldn’t use a rubber mat smaller than 24″ x 36″ because you want to be sure to see enough of the fabric pattern to get the whole layered mat look.   

Step 3:  Cut the Fabric for Your DIY Layered Doormat

If you use light or white fabric, you can cover your mat with a white shower curtain liner and hot glue the edges.  This is just so the dark color of the rubber mat doesn’t show through.  Another option is to spray paint the rubber mat white

diy doormat
diy doormat

Now, cut your fabric so it is about 8 inches longer than the rubber mat on all sides.  I folded over and pinned the edges temporarily so that it wasn’t a rough edge.  If you want you can sew these edges.

Step 4: How to Make Layered Doormats with Fabric

Now it’s time to fold the corners of your fabric so they fit the rubber mat.  Fold each corner tightly towards the mat and fold in the ends like so.  Use a 2-inch safety pin to secure the fabric.  We want to safety pin it so it’s easy to remove the fabric later.  

diy doormat
diy doormat
diy doormat

Add a large safety pin to secure the corners.  This way you can remove it later when you want to wash your mat cover!

To secure the edges, put a couple of zots on each side between the fabric and the rubber mat.

diy doormat

Step 5:  How to Seal a Layered Doormat

Now you want to be sure to seal the surface of your fabric since it will be exposed to a decent amount of dirt and rain.   While the Flex Seal for the coir mat is optional, you definitely want to spray your fabric mat cover to protect it!

I like using this brand as it is the most waterproof: Waterproof Scotchguard

make layered doormats



Now that you are done, I’d love to see how it turned out! ❤️  Post your photos here!

diy doormat

The nice thing about this easy project is that the combined cost of both mats is so cheap that you can easily change out the fabric on your mats a few times a year for the same price as buying both mats online!

Here are some cute options for every season.  You can make up a few coir mats and have them on hand and made separate covers for each season!

diy doormat

How to Clean a DIY Doormat

For the top mat, the flex seal will help protect it from the elements but it might just need shaking out every once in a while to get rid of dirt and debris.  If it’s especially dirty, you can it off and hang it to dry.

For the fabric-covered rug, you can easily remove the cover and then throw it in the washer.  I have washed one of my mat covers a few times and just fold them back the same way as I did originally with the safety pins.   Be sure to spray your doormat again with the Scotchguard after you wash it.

diy doormat

DIY Front Porch Ideas

If you like the look of my lemon wreath you cake your own with this easy tutorial: DIY Lemon Wreath on a Budget.  

Also, my topiaries have been on my front porch for three years and still look great!  You can make your own out of boxwood balls here: How to Make Your Own Topiary Trees

diy doormat


I had a hard time deciding between two verses for one of the stencils. 

I especially like Deuteronomy 11:18-21 because of the mention of the doorposts.  These days, we don’t really write important quotes on doorposts but we DO have a lot of sayings on our doormats.

“Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.  Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.  Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates,  so that your days and the days of your children may be many in the land the Lord swore to give your ancestors, as many as the days that the heavens are above the earth.” Deuteronomy 11:18-21

Not only is it a little long for a doormat but Joshua 24:15 came to mind:

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15b

These two verses almost serve as bookends of Israel’s redemptive story.  On one hand we have the words written in Deuteronomy where the law was first handed down to Moses on Mount Sinai soon after their departure from Egypt.

On the other hand, we have Joshua’s words after they have found and settled in the Promised Land.

But between these two verses are story after story of the same cycle of Israel’s unfaithfulness and God’s merciful rescue


Yes, even in the wake of Israel’s disobedience, God delivered the Israelites to the Promised Land.  However, the consequences of their disobedience cause multiple delays, hardships and they missed out on several of the Lord’s blessings along the way.

“So, Karin…what does this have to do with a DIY doormat?”

As I was thinking about what Scripture to include on one of the stencils, I thought about all the history and hardship that came to pass between these verses.  But ironically, these two concepts closely intertwine.

God wants us to serve Him.  But in order to TRULY serve Him we have to know His Word.  In order to know His word, we need to be surrounded by it. 

He wants us to tie them as symbols to every aspect of our lives.  We are to teach them to our children, and to have His words constantly in our minds and hearts. 

God knows us better than we know ourselves.  Just like the Israelites, we are a “stiff-necked people” but God knows that the answer to an unwavering trust in Him is to surround ourselves with the truth of His Word.

In knowing Him and being intimately acquainted with His ways, we are truly serving the Lord with our household.

Every DIY or Home Decor post with spiritual encouragement has a Renovated Thinking section.  You can see more of those posts by clicking here and can subscribe to the weekly newsletter by clicking here.

FAQ’s On Making DIY Door MatS

What is the Best Material for An Outdoor Front Mat?

There are several options for an outdoor mat to protect interior floors. You can use a natural coir fiber matt like the one in this doormat project, but the only negative is that natural fibers can degrade over time and leave small pieces of loose fibers on your front porch

A more durable but also great looking doormat is one with wooden slats. You can use the same free stencils above to make your own wooden doormat.

How to Make Door Mats with Cricut Machines

You can also use this same process with a cricut stencil for doormats and other fun craft projects. Whether your cutting machine is a silhouette machine or Cricut Design Space, you can make a fun doormat. My blogging friend Jennifer Maker has several great recommendations for stencil vinyl, cutting machines and cutting mats you can use for personal use or to create custom orders: Jennifer Maker Cricut Stencil Projects

What is the best DIY Doormat Paint?

The best kind of paint for doormat projects is outdoor acrylic paint. The good news is that it costs very little money and you get the best results that will last more than just a couple of months.

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Final Thoughts on DIY Layered Door Mats

The layered doormat trend isn’t going away any time soon.  Unfortunately, their price can add up if you are getting them for different seasons.  However, you don’t have to skimp on a cute porch because of the cost.  This step-by-step tutorial helps you to easily make layered doormats by stenciling a coir mat and also covering a commercial rubber mat with fabric.  This way, you can easily change out the fabric for any season giving you lots of options for front door decor!

Be sure to save this pin so you can comment on it later with your before and after pics! Pin it here:

make fabric doormats

What are your thoughts, my friend?  Do you think the makeover was worth it?  Can you relate to what it feels like to be broken?  I love to hear your thoughts and questions!  Scroll down to leave a comment and I WILL reply! ❤️







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make layered mats
make layered mats

How to Make a Front Door Mat

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