how to hang beaboard wallpaper

Creative Uses for Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper

Beadboard wallpaper is such an EASY way to transform a room or furniture project!  Here’s a full tutorial on how to hang beadboard wallpaper, some creative uses, and why it’s better than the real thing!

I’ve never seen a product that can quickly transform a home more than beadboard wallpaper!  It’s also incredibly cheap and easy to use!  Beadboard wallpaper allows you to achieve the character and style of real beadboard with just a fraction of the work and expense.

After using it on several projects, I now prefer it over the real thing because the installation is much more forgiving and it doesn’t show obvious seams like traditional beadboard wainscoting.

Whether you want to transform your dining room, bathroom, hallway, kitchen cabinets, or even your ceiling, beadboard wallpaper is an easy solution that provides a visual upgrade to any project without the hassle of traditional installation.  It provides a gorgeous vintage look to any space in a few minutes!

This is a great project for you if you:

  • love the look of beadboard but don’t want to bother with trimming it to the right size with a saw
  • dislike the obvious seams that can appear when installing traditional beadboard.
  • want a quick transformation to a project, furniture piece, or walls
  • need a low-budget solution to upgrade a room that costs just a little more than paint

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

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Best Brand of Beadboard Wallpaper

☑️ If you are curious or in a hurry, here is a quick link to the beadboard wallpaper I recommend: Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper   Buyer Beware – They are not all created equal!

So what is Beadboard Wallpaper?

Traditional beadboard is a type of wallboard that was originally made from long pieces of pine that would lock with tongue and groove edges.  Most often beadboard was used as wainscoting and installed at the bottom of a room all the way around.  Today you usually find beadboard in large panels that have to be cut instead of individual wood slats.

Beadboard wallpaper is vinyl wallpaper that is textured to the same dimensions as real beadboard.   It comes on a roll and can be painted in any color.  It is scrubbable and can be easily wiped clean.

In many cases, it looks better than the actual beadboard because it doesn’t show seams in the same way the panels do – especially where you might have uneven drywall.  Also, it is very easy to apply and cut with scissors!

Beadboard Panels vs. Beadboard Wallpaper: Cost Comparison

Not only is beadboard wallpaper much easier to install but it’s also much more cost-effective.  The beadboard wallpaper we are recommending is around $19.81 a roll(see the current price here) for 56 sq. ft.  The MDF beadboard panels listed here at Home Depot are $20.27 for 32 sq. ft.  Therefore, the beadboard wallpaper is $0.34 per sq. ft. while the MDF panels are $0.56 giving you a cost savings of 38%.  And think of all those heavy beadboard panels you don’t have to cut!

Beadboard Wallpaper Durability

Beadboard wallpaper is vinyl so it is waterproof, paintable, and can be scrubbed.  For everyday use in a hallway, a dining room, or as a backsplash, beadboard wallpaper is very durable.

But for an active kid’s bathroom or bedroom, where the walls could endure some serious abuse, I would probably use beadboard panels in those situations.  Personally, I have one daughter who is 8 and I would have no hesitation putting beadboard wallpaper in her room.  However, a boys’ playroom might be a different story because I’m not completely sure how this wallpaper would stand up against Nerf guns and other heavy artillery!  Use your own judgment here.

Otherwise, I’ve lived with beadboard wallpaper as wainscoting, as a backsplash, and a furniture photo backdrop in our garage, and we haven’t had any issues in terms of durability.

creative uses for beadboad wallpaper

Where and How to Use Beadboard Wallpaper

Just about anywhere that you would use normal beadboard panels, you can use this beadboard wallpaperIt is an amazing product that gives you the same classic character and dimension as a real beadboard but in a fraction of the time and much less expensive.  

The options for beadboard wallpaper are unlimited as you see from these different uses.  Know that every single example can easily and seamlessly (see what I did there) be applied to your own home!

Beadboard Bathroom in Charcoal Gray

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

This stunning bathroom from Rhoda at Southern Hospitality looks gorgeous as tall wainscoting.  At first, she was going to paint it white but then she decided to cover it in a charcoal gray called Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.  Great call Rhoda!  You can see the full bathroom makeover by clicking here: Guest Bathroom Renovation

Beadboard Dining Room

Beadboard wallpaper looks fabulous as a dining room wainscoting!  You can see here how it looks great finished with chunky trim and I love the contrast against the farmhouse decor.

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

Dear Lillie writes in her post, “I have to say I was really really skeptical about going with a beadboard wallpaper over real beadboard (which we used in our last home) and kind of just did it on a whim and I have to say I was thrilled with how it turned out. We used it in the entryway too and I would highly recommend it and would use it again!”  For the full dining room reveal, click here: Our Dining Room – Making Progress.

I also love the cross back chairs in this dining room that work beautifully with the rustic farmhouse table.  To see where to get the best deal on cross back chairs, click here: Inexpensive X Back Chairs

Beadboard Wallpaper Ceiling

Deb at Lavendar Lane did an outstanding job adding beadboard wallpaper to her kitchen ceiling!  The ceiling was chipping and they needed a good solution without having to spackle.  Not only does it serve an important function but it also adds even more charm to her already-adorable cottage decor.  For her full tutorial, click here: Adding Beadboard Wallpaper to Our Kitchen

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

Covering a Popcorn Ceiling with Beadboard Wallpaper

If you have popcorn ceilings and don’t want to go to the trouble of retexturing, you can use beadboard wallpaper instead.  Scrape your ceiling until it is fairly smooth, apply the wallpaper and then paint as normal.  This would give you the beautiful look of beadboard ceilings, adding lots of charm and character to your home!

Beadboard Wallpaper on Stair Risers

One use for beadboard wallpaper is on stair risers just like these.  They add so much character and class to an already gorgeous staircase!  You can see Traci’s stairs and stunning newel post on her blog Beneath my Hearth by clicking here: How to Build a Newel Post

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

Beadboard Wainscoting Ideas for Your Kitchen

The fact that beadboard is easily wipeable and scrubbable makes it an ideal surface for use in kitchens!  It’s also easy to repaint if you decide on changing your decor later.  Be sure to sign up for my Must-Have Painting tips at the bottom of this post to make your wallpaper look like real wood.

Beadboard Island and Cabinet Doors with Wallpaper


For added character in your kitchen, add beadboard wallpaper to the faces of cabinet doors and your cabinet end caps.  This is a way to use wallpaper that would be very difficult with traditional beadboard panels because the drawers would have been completely deconstructed.

To get the look of beadboard cabinet doors, just cut the wallpaper to the size of the cabinet faces and caulk the edges.  For an island, do the same but add trim around the edges to ensure it looks like the wood panels.

Beadboard Backsplash 

In our old house, we had laminate countertops in bright yellow.  It wasn’t pretty!  We were on a tight budget so we found ways to upgrade on our kitchen on a budget to get the most on resale (See my post The Best Tips for Selling Your House Fast).

For an easy update to our backsplash, I added this beadboard wallpaper and trim.  It was incredibly easy, and the results were fabulous at a fraction of the cost of a tile backsplash.

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

How to Hang Beadboard Wallpaper

The process for hanging paintable wallpaper is super easy if you know some tricks.

If you check some of the reviews on the wallpaper I list below, some of the reviewers mention that it is difficult to cut after you wet the prepasted wallpaper.  Also, a few say the glue backing on this pre-pasted wallpaper doesn’t adhere well.

To avoid these issues completely, don’t wet the wallpaper!  Instead, just use the wallpaper paste I have listed below.  I know it adds something else to your supply list, but it will make your installation much more precise and frustration-free.  I’ve used the same technique with my last two beadboard wallpaper projects and many of the reviewers mention getting good results with the wallpaper paste too:  Beadboard Wallpaper Reviews.

What is the Best Beadboard Wallpaper?

If you are wondering where to buy beadboard wallpaper, know they are not all created equal! Click the link below for the type you should get:

Beadboard Wallpaper Reviews and the Current Price

Supplies Needed for Installing Beadboard Wallpaper: 

Beadboard Wallpaper – This is the best brand because it looks identical to real beadboard where others don’t.  Click here for the current price.

Wallpaper Paste – You need about a quart per roll of wallpaper.  (Check the current price here)

Wallpaper Smoothing Tool

24″ Level

ScissorsI love these for precise cuts!

Caulk If you have a caulk gun, use this kind.  Otherwise, you can use the kind in the tube, like this.

Must-Have Painting Tips – To help your painted wallpaper look like the real thing, sign up to get my best painting tips at the bottom of this post.

Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper Installation Process

Here is a full step-by-step video from start to finish:

Step 1: Beadboard Wallpaper Installation Prep

Stop! Before you do anything…take a before pic.  When you are done, post the before and after pics here, so I can see the amazing work you’ve done! ❤️

Installing Beadboard as a Wainscoting – Prep Work

Before applying your beadboard wallpaper, now is the time to paint the top half of the wall if you are going to paint it.  If you wait until after you install the beadboard, it will take more time as you paint to avoid getting paint on the molding or beadboard.  So paint the top part first!

Once you are ready to install, use the level to draw a 2 foot (approximately) horizontal line where you want the top of the beadboard to stop (as you can see in the video here).  Do this on the left-furthest part of the wall.  This is the only time you will have to use a level because once you get the first piece level, you will just line up all other pieces with it.

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

Installing Beadboard Wallpaper to the Ceiling – Prep Work

Start at the left corner of your wall and measure the width of your wallpaper from your left side.  With your level, mark a verticle, level line.  The right edge of your first row of wallpaper will but up against this line.  It will help you to make sure your wallpaper for that row and all the other rows are level because the other rows will line up with it.

Measure the portion of the wall your wallpaper will cover and cut the first piece to the correct length

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

IMPORTANT!  I recommend cutting your wallpaper with sharp scissors like these.  The first time I used beadboard wallpaper, I used a utility knife which is fine.  However, if you don’t press down hard enough every time you make a cut, the vinyl can tear.  So, that’s why I use scissors now.  If your lines are not completely straight – no worries!  You will cover this up with caulk anyway later on.

Step 2: How to Install Beadboard Wallpaper with Wallpaper Paste

If you look at the reviews here, you’ll notice the negative reviews involve people either saying that it tears easily after the wallpaper is wet or that the adhesive doesn’t stick well.  For that reason, we are not going to use the adhesive already on the back of the wallpaper!

Using wallpaper paste (see the current price here), we will have MUCH better adhesion.  Also, we don’t have to wet the wallpaper before hanging it, which will make this project much less messy.  The fact that the wallpaper had to be moistened made it hard to cut, so that’s another benefit of using wallpaper waste.  Yes, it’s an extra expense, but TRUST ME, you will have a better end product with less frustration and mess!

IMPORTANT!  You want to buy about enough to have a quart of wallpaper paste per roll.  The last thing you want is to get halfway through and run out of paste!

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

Liberally paint on the wallpaper paste with a large brush as I am doing in the video here.  Only paint on wallpaper paste for the piece you are installing right now.  In other words, don’t apply the wallpaper paste to the whole wall right now.

TIP!  To make this part go faster, you can use a foam roller to apply the wallpaper paste.

Step 3: How to Hang Beadboard Wallpaper

Take your cut piece of beadboard wallpaper and lay it on the wall starting at the top.  Smooth with your hands a little as you go.  Make sure it is straight against the level line you drew.

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

At this point when the wallpaper paste is still wet, you can adjust the placement against the wall slightly by pushing the wallpaper one way or another with your hands.

Now that you have it where you want it, put one hand on the wallpaper and use the wallpaper scraper tool in the other to lightly smooth out the wallpaper.  This helps to smooth out the glue underneath as you can see in the video here.

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

Continue to do this process (cut piece, apply the paste, and hang) to each piece until you are done.

IMPORTANT!  Once you hang and smooth the last piece, don’t touch it!  The glue will start drying soon and you want to let it adhere well to the surface.

Step 4: How to Apply Beadboard Wallpaper – Make it Seamless!

After letting your wallpaper dry for 24 hours (more if it’s super humid), it is time to caulk the edges.

TIP:  Always caulk before you paint as leaving caulk unpainted will attract dirt and sometimes yellow in those areas

how to hang beadboad wallpaper

You want to chalk the seams, wherever they meet trim and the corners.  This will give you an added touch that provides a seamless and finished look.  If you don’t have a caulk gun, buy the caulk in the tube. In either case, cut a very small angled hole in the tip with a utility knife.  You want a small bead and you can always cut off more later.

IMPORTANT! Whenever you caulk, have two things on hand: baby wipes (a lot of them) and a lined trash can.

First, we are going to caulk the seams.  You are going to squirt a SMALL line or bead of caulk on each verticle seam.  Don’t worry, it’s ok if it’s messy – we’ll fix it!

Now, wet your finger with a baby wipe and lightly run your index finger over that caulked seam.  You should be wiping off any excess and leaving the seam line filled in with caulk.  Touch up with baby wipes if need and immediately throw them in the trash can.  (Don’t make the mistake of throwing the baby wipe on the floor bc then you will have dried caulk all over your floor and it’s nearly impossible to get off – ask me how I know!)

Now that you have caulked the seams, you are going to caulk in each little corner where your molding and beadboard meet.  Run a slightly larger bead of caulk between the trim and edge of the beadboard wallpaper. Wipe off any mess-ups with baby wipes.  Be sure to watch the video here!

I like to let my caulk dry a full 24 hours even though the label might say 30 minutes.

Step 5: How to Harden Beadboard Wallpaper

Even if you want the beadboard white, you still want to paint it!  The paint will give it a more authentic look as it will look like a real beadboard! ( Be sure to sign up for my Must-Have Painting tips at the bottom of this post to make your wallpaper look like real wood.)

Also, since our textured wallpaper is kind of spongey, applying latex paint will harden it up a bit.

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

The most durable latex paint I know of is Benjamin Moore Advance which dries to a very hard finish.  I like to add two coats of paint, being careful to go back and catch any drips.  This is the time to go ahead and paint your trim if it needs it. (I actually blind-tested 24 top furniture paints and you can see the full results here! You can see the results of the cabinet testing here: The Absolute Best Paint for Cabinets.)

IMPORTANT:  The paint takes 7 days to cure (reach maximum hardness) so be gentle unround the wallpaper until then!

Furniture Backdrop Using Beadboard Wallpaper

I’ve used this same process to make a furniture backdrop with wallpaper by applying a large section on one of our garage walls.  Then, I hung one of my DIY curtain rods and an old sheet just to protect it from dust when it’s not in use.  I also use a shag rug.  The longer pile helps to conceal the fact that there is no quarter round!

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

This has been such a great backdrop for furniture photos and DIY videos and the expense was very minimal!

how to hang beadboard wallpaper


Now that you are done, I’d love to see how it turned out! ❤️  Post your before and after photos here!

How to Apply Beadboard Wallpaper to Bookshelves & Furniture

Adding beadboard paintable wallpaper to bookcases or furniture is a fabulous way to give them a low-cost upgrade for a high-end look!  I have done this with several laminate pieces and no one can tell it’s not a solid wood piece as the wallpaper gives it lots of character!

I did this with both shelves on either side of my media cabinet which together make an entertainment center.  I also painted the beadboard wallpaper in Behr Sonata, a different color than the rest of the shelves to give the whole entertainment center an extra pop of color!

You will use the same process above to apply the beadboard wallpaper.  If your surface is very slick, I’d start by priming with a primer like Zinsser Cover Stain before installing the wallpaper.  You only have to prime the area that you want to apply the wallpaper too.  When you are finished applying the wallpaper, you will caulk in each corner just like you caulked against the trim!

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

To see the full Entertainment Center Reveal, click here: Easy DIY Media Center Hack Without Building a Thing

Beadboard Vs. Shiplap

Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, you know shiplap has been a major trend in home decor lately.  But that’s the problem, it’s a trend.  Don’t get me wrong; shiplap is gorgeous but its surge in popularity and a strong tie to farmhouse decor means it will probably go out as fast as it came in style.

Beadboard, however, is timeless.  It adds character to any room or furniture piece, instantly adding a classic vintage look.  So yes, shiplap is great but consider beadboard for a look that you won’t have to rip out and redo in 3 years.

Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper – FAQ’s:

Can you use beadboard wallpaper over popcorn ceilings?  

You can use beadboard wallpaper over popcorn ceilings but just make sure you first scrape the ceiling to get down to an almost-smooth finish.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you don’t want any of the old texture to show through the vinyl wallpaper.

If you do use this wallpaper to cover a popcorn ceiling, it can be a good option as it saves you the step of having to reapply texture.  It easily provides a very classic look that has more character than a regular textured ceiling.

What about peel and stick beadboard wallpaper?

There are peel and stick vinyl wallpapers in the marketplace.  However, the problem with peel and stick is that it can be very cumbersome.  You have to be very careful not to allow a long piece of wallpaper to get stuck to itself.  Also, it’s not as easy to adjust the peel and stick beadboard wallpapers after they are stuck to the wall.  For this reason, I strongly suggest using this kind.

Can you use beadboard wallpaper over tile? 

You absolutely can use beadboard wallpaper over tile.  It is especially helpful if the tile is well-grouted so there are no dips between tiles.  If not you just want to add some extra grout or caulk to make sure your beadboard wallpaper is smooth.  It is certainly much easier and less expensive than re-tiling.    Here is a great article on how to put wallpaper over ceramic tile.  This method has incredible potential to redo a mauve pink or baby blue-tiled bathroom without demo and the expense of new tile!

Is beadboard wallpaper easy to remove? 

Beadboard wallpaper is easy to remove because it is vinyl.  For that reason, it is less likely to tear off in small pieces like regular paper wallpaper and is more likely to come off in long sheets.

Is beadboard wallpaper durable? 

Beadboard wallpaper is more durable than traditional wallpaper but isn’t quite as durable as regular beadboard panels.  It can dent if it is hit hard enough but oftentimes with my backsplash, I have seen in dent initially but then the spongy nature of the vinyl helps it to regain its original shape in a few seconds.

Does beadboard wallpaper hold up to kids?  I wouldn’t recommend it in an extremely high traffic area – like a kid’s playroom but would feel confident putting it anywhere else!

Does beadboard wallpaper look real? 

Beadboard vinyl wallpaper looks real and I’ll even say that I like it better than regular beadboard panels because the wallpaper won’t have the large seams in between each panel.  Also, the paint on the wallpaper makes it look just like the painted beadboard.

Can you paint beadboard wallpaper?

You should absolutely paint your vinyl wallpaper!  Even if you want the wallpaper to be white, paint it!  It will make your wallpaper look much more authentic and it will make it harder and more durable!

Can you stain beadboard wallpaper?

With a couple of different tutorials, you can stain vinyl wallpaper to make it look like actual stained beadboard panels with any three of my faux stain techniques.  For a more traditional, darker look, use this post: How to Gel Stain Wood.  If you want a Barnwood finish that still looks traditional, use this technique: Faux Stain with Latex.  And if you want a driftwood finish, use this technique:  Faux Driftwood Finish with Paint.  The best part is no one will guess that your stained beadboard is actually beadboard!

 How to Apply Beadboard Wallpaper to Cabinets

To apply beadboard wallpaper to cabinet doors and end cabs, cut the beadboard wallpaper pieces to size.  Lightly sand the faces of the cabinets to scuff up the surface and wipe with a damp cloth.  Now, paint on the wallpaper paste and then smooth it out with your smoothing tool.  After the paste has dried, be sure to caulk the inside edges – this will be an important step as it will cover any edges of your wallpaper.  When your caulk has dried, paint the beadboard wallpaper.  Last, enjoy the look of your custom beadboard cabinets!

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The Best Wainscoting Wallpaper: Beadboard

Beadboard wallpaper is not only inexpensive, quick, and super easy to install, but it looks better than the real thing.  Beadboard panels are subject to large gaps, especially if your drywall isn’t perfectly level.  Because of the flexible nature of paintable beadboard wallpaper, you never see seams and the painted finish makes it look like the real thing!  Once you use this miracle wallpaper on your first project, you’ll find several other creative uses for beadboard wallpaper to add vintage character to your whole house!

how to hang beadboard wallpaper

I love to hear your thoughts and questions!  Scroll down to leave a comment and I WILL reply! ❤️



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Paintable Beadboard Wallpaper

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  1. I had no idea! Really really neat, although just a warning about scraping popcorn ceilings: you’ll release asbestos into your home, which would be a very bad thing, so you’ll probably want to call in a company to remove it safely.

  2. What do you mean by “not all are created equally”? That specific wallpaper from Amazon or just in general

    1. I have always used the one I mention in the post because of the reviews on others either tearing too easily or not the texture not looking like real beadboard. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Karin. Just came across your post on breadboard wall paper. God I loved all the info you gave. I want to do this in my bathroom over tile-looking paneling. I have hung material on my upper walls with vinyl wall paste. Can I use the same paste to hang the breadboard wall paper? I am looking forward to doing this. I am a DIY person,always. Thank you.

  4. Hi!
    Sooooo happy I found you! Reading this is super exciting! I do have a question. I want to put the bead board wallpaper over existing wallpaper. Would you give me your thoughts on the best way to make this successful. I really haven’t had much experience in wallpapering.


    1. Hey Beth, As long as the original wallpaper is adhering well to the wall, you should be able to apply the beadboard wallpaper in the same way you would apply it as normal. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  5. I am refacing my kitchen cabinets with this question is being in a high traffic area I want a hard cured paint that will clean easily and dry as hard as possible..what do you recommend? I also thought of a clear coat over the paint?? Help??

    1. I don’t think you can go with Sherwin Williams ProClassic. I will be painting my cabinets in a couple months so I’ll do more research then. Let me know how they turn out. Thansk Karen!

  6. Hi, thanks for this tutorial! I’m going to try this in my upstairs bathroom. Do you have a tutorial about how to install the cap rail over the beadboard? That step is what I am most nervous about. Thank you!


    1. The trickiest part with that is just making the cuts for corners but if you have someone you can borrow a miter saw from, that would make it much easier. Otherwise, just use a brad nailer to attach it to the wall. Let me know if you have any questions at all! – Karin

  7. Do you have a recommended white color of the Sherwin-Williams Pro classic to paint the beadboard? Looking for a true white to go with grey walls.

    1. I have had good luck with their Pure White and every time I paint something white I just use that shade. Then, I don’t have to get a new shade of white for each new project and I don’t have to worry about remembering which white I painted something. Thanks Laura! 🙂 – Karin

  8. Do you think this paper could be used on the ceiling in a bathroom with a ugly dry wall ceiling? I wasn’t wanting to mess with re mudding the ceiling but don’t know if it would stick to the ceiling because of gravity?

    1. Hi Barb, I wouldn’t be concerned about it sticking but if the ceiling is still bumpy, you might have to scrape it some which is still easier than remudding. Let me know if you have any other questions! – Karin

  9. Thank you for your tutorial and page! We are renovating a basement storage room into a workout room. I have repaired the bottom of the walls where previous floods damaged the plaster and it had to be removed. We then used a quality latex primer to prime over the plaster. Do I need to use any additional products before applying the wallpaper adhesive?

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  11. I want to use this technique on very plain, 1950/1960s hollow core bypass closet doors. Which would be better – applying the wallpaper with the doors still hanging or take them down and apply while lying flat?

    1. Hey Brenda,
      I think you can get away with leaving them hanging. That’s what I would do at least. Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks Brenda! – Karin

  12. We have white beadboard wallpaper in our kitchen under a chair rail but also as a backsplash. It is getting dirty on the back splash and I can’t get the dirt off. I can’t use a lot of water because it will run down behind the little countertop backsplash at the bottom. Do you have any ideas? Thanks

    1. Hey Cris, That’s a good question. In that case, I would probably repaint it and then have a small container of paint on hand for touch-ups Use a good latex paint and dirt will wipe right off. Let me know if you have any other questions! – Karin

  13. What type of roller should you use to paint the bead board wallpaper? We are putting in on doors before we hang them and worried about paint sitting in the grooves.

  14. I love your tutorial! I was wondering what sheen did you use for the Sherwin Williams Pro Classic paint? satin, semi gloss or gloss?

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