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  1. What a beautiful piece. I really enjoy looking at all the pictures of your makeovers. They are inspirational and make me want to refinish something.

  2. You do beautiful work. You also have given me some courage to finish some of my projects. I did a table in chalk paint with wax over it and I do not like it. I would love to redo with a faux stain like you did on the top and white on bottom. How do I do that with wax already on the top? Maybe just chalk paint it again and then enamel paint over that? Love your website!

    • Yeah, you might just delete it for a time and see what you learn about yourself and any potential addiction. I have my facebook app back on my phone but the period of time I deleted it made me more aware of what tendencies are healthy and which aren’t. Thanks for reading Enid!

  3. I can’t seem to find any information on how to take the top off the desk. I want a flat desk to accommodate my laptop because the rolltop isn’t tall enough to keep my laptop open. How did you remove it?
    We plan to store the top and put it back on when we’re ready to sell it. Thanks for your help.

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