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50 EASY Landscaping Ideas For The Front of Your House (FREE DIY Front Lawn LANDSCAPING CHECKLIST!)


Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Want to create a DIY landscape design but don’t know where to begin?  Don’t buy a single plant without these simple landscaping ideas for the front of your house and an easy step-by-step tutorial!

Upon moving into our house, I knew that we would have to take serious steps to add to our home’s curb appeal (or lack thereof).  Our front and backyard were in such a bad state that I think they are the only reason we got the house for a good price in a really competitive market No one was willing to deal with the yard but me!

The front yard beds were messy, overgrown, impractical, and not our style.   So, I got a few bids from local landscape designers.  Unfortunately, they were out of our price range or the landscapers didn’t seem very knowledgeable.

For example, any Texas landscaper worth his salt knows that Knockout Roses need a lot of sun to thrive.  When I looked at one landscape design, the company assigned knockout roses to the shadiest part of the yard.  (Also, I had asked for Drift Roses, not Knockout Roses.)

Not only was I not being heard, but I felt like I couldn’t trust the expertise of some of the local landscapers.  At that moment, I took our landscape design into my own hands and you won’t believe how it turned out and how little I spent.

This landscape design is still in place after five years of every plant thriving in its original location.  If you want to save a ton of money by designing and implementing your own landscape design, this post will give you a step-by-step process to easily create a yard you can be proud of without breaking the bank!  Also, download the FREE DIY Landscape Design Cheat Sheet by clicking here.


  • Easy landscaping ideas for the front of your house complement your home instead of detracting from it
  • Tips to pick the best plants for your location to ensure you have thriving and colorful flower beds
  • A great place to get plants at a low price and other good ideas for beautiful front yard landscaping on a budget
  • How to coordinate colors and sizes of plants to create a beautiful home garden design
  • All about my favorite plant in this week’s Renovate Your Faith devotional
front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

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Is it Possible To Do DIY Front Yard Landscaping on a Budget?

If you are wondering if this is something you should take on yourself, it’s not nearly as daunting as you think.  In fact, you probably have a better idea of what you want than you realize. 

This post will help you plan and implement your design one piece at a time.  With unlimited DIY ideas online, these simple steps show you to find the right plant life for your area to make your front yard landscaping on a budget a reality.

Simple Front Yard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

Planning your own landscape design can be overwhelming but these simple front yard landscaping ideas are a great way to give your yard a professional look while staying on budget. Take time on this step as this is your opportunity to implement your own creative designs.

The Best Timing for Simple Front Yard Ideas: When to Plant

Obviously, you want to plant when the temperature for your region is moderate.  This gives plants time to acclimate to your planting beds without harsh weather to contend with.  Spring is almost always a good time to plant but in many southern regions fall is even better.

Here in Texas, the searing heat can be tough on plants, so planting in the fall is easier for them since our winters are not very cold.  Even when it is cool in the fall, the soil is still warm which is required for plants to grow.  There are also more planting days in the fall than in the Spring as rain and unpredictable weather can make working the soil difficult.

Supplies Needed for Easy DIY Landscape Design

  • Fill Dirt
  • Plants 
  • Spray Paint (Optional)
  • Newspaper or Landscape Fabric 
  • Soaker Hoses 
  • Black Mulch
  • Nelson FertilizersThis is my secret weapon when caring for landscape plants!  My plants would not look like they do without these fertilizers and I can’t say enough good things about them.  They are organic and work with your existing soil to provide the nutrients your plants need.  I use the different options of these fertilizers on all my plants.  You can see all the options here:  Nelson Fertilizer Options & Reviews.  Not sure which to get?  You can go wrong with this option:  Nelson Fertilizer for Flowering Plants

FREE Landscape Design Cheat Sheet – This free printable is available in my resource library.  Get access to it and all my other free printables, templates, and wall art by filling by clicking here.

The Process: Implementing Simple Landscaping Ideas For The Front of Your House

STEP 1: An Essential For Easy Front Yard Landscaping – Don’t Be Afraid to Demo!!!

Stop! Before you do anything…take a before pic.  When you are done, post the before and after pics here, so I can see the amazing work you’ve done! ❤️

The first thing on your list is to assess what needs to go. To borrow a line from the Kon Marie method for decluttering, “If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it!” In other words, any part of your current landscape design that you don’t love is only an obstacle to bringing in plants and trees to give you a fresh look you do enjoy!

Make A Plan For Your DIY Landscaping Ideas

Also, take a step back to think about the perfect place for large elements you want to include in your landscape design. Some great ideas include a seating area, water fountain, small water feature, outdoor lighting or even a white picket fence.

This was a large project that had to be tackled in several steps as we had to clear out all the underbrush and small trees (except just one crape myrtle) in the front yard garden.

None of the small trees were in good shape and each was in an odd location, right in front of the view of the front door.

Also, I hate to be a tree snob but many of the tall trees were ‘trash trees’ like Hackberries or Tallowwoods. They are fast-growing trees that don’t always have the best shape and crowd out native plants and trees which give your yard a more natural look and lots of visual appeal. Don’t feel guilty about cutting these down if they can be replaced with a native hardwood tree or something like a Japanese Maple or flowering tree that helps to increase your home’s value.

The function of landscaping is to complement your home, making it open and inviting.   If any aspect overwhelms or distracts from the front of the house, it has to go!  Notice how much more light comes in by losing the small trees.

Below is the before picture and you can see in the next picture that so much more light comes in with removing the small scraggly trees.

DON’T FORGET: Download the FREE DIY Front Lawn Landscaping Design Cheat Sheet by filling out the form at the end of this post.

diy landscape design

Renovated Faith: What’s in a Name?

God never leaves a project half-done…He continually works on each one of us, as a lavish expression of His amazing love and grace.  So many of my DIY projects remind me of how God renovates our hearts.  If you are a work-in-progress, just like I am, check out the Renovate Your Faith Devotional at the bottom of this post.  Click here to get a weekly reminder of new posts by email.

STEP 2:  How to Create The Best Front Yard Landscaping Ideas and Design For Your Home

When it comes to front yard landscaping on a budget, it’s so much easier to move things on paper than in real life. Make sure to get every aspect of your plan on paper.  This is the key to creating a simple front yard landscape design because some things are hard to correct once plants are in the ground.

Here are some great sources to get front yard landscaping ideas:

Remember to take your time on this step.  It’s so much easier to erase part of your design than pull plants out of the ground!

front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

STEP 3: Planning Simple Landscaping Ideas For The Front of Your House (Low Maintenance Ideas on A Budget)

Add Contrasting Elements

Adding contrasting elements to your DIY landscape design can make your outdoor area more visually appealing.  Since the walkway and face of our house includes lots of straight lines and sharp, right angles, I knew I wanted to make our beds curvy to add more interest.

Decide Plant Shapes and Sizes

You don’t need to know what varieties of plants you use in your landscape design at this point.
You just want to have an idea of the general shape and size.

Different heights provide interest so use large plants in the back and small bushes up front.  As you get plans on paper, think more about the shapes of plants (For example: tall and grassy vs. a small round shrub vs. Christmas tree shape) you would like for your plan than the particular plant types.   Look for large voids against your house and fill those with tall shrubs, a small tree, or a trellis with a vine. Save a space in the fronts of beds to be focal point for annual flowers.

You want to have mostly evergreens (larger plants) toward the back and several perennial plants towards the middle or front to make for a colorful flower garden.

simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

Define the Borders of Your DIY Landscaping Ideas

I used an old hose to plan out the edge of the flowerbed and spent a lot of time getting it just right.  Once I was happy with the shape of the new beds, I used some leftover spray paint to outline the border.  (Don’t worry – this line will disappear either by being covered with dirt or the next time you mow.) Sometimes borders, like a wooden fence, are defined for you but spray paint allows you to change the plan for your unique design without any work involved.

  There were a couple of times I changed my mind after using the spray paint, which was not a big deal.  I just used my foot to wipe the old line out of the grassy area and sprayed a new line in my front lawn.   If you are going to change your mind, now is the time!

diy landscape design

How To Do DIY Front Lawn Landscaping Yourself

There are several low-cost options for planning your front yard designs other than a pen and graph paper:

Free DIY Landscape Design Software

If you’d rather use software instead of drawing your plans, there are several sites that off free DIY landscaping design software.  It is easy enough to use as a homeowner but professional landscape architects, designers, and contractors use the same software to plan their landscape design projects as it helps you predict costs, and digitize plans. 

You can even use them to plan your garden beds as they work well for garden design. You can read more about free software options here: Free Landscaping Design Software Options

DIY Landscape Design Apps

Landscape design apps have a unique feature that you can take pictures of your existing landscape and use the app to help you visualize different plants in your space.   You can even take your new images to a landscape supplier or nursery to help you find plants perfect for your front yard.  Click here to see the best apps:  DIY Landscape Design Apps

STEP 4:  Pick The Best Plants for Your DIY Front Yard Landscaping Design

The best of my cheap landscaping ideas is to buy plants you KNOW will grow in your area. The last thing you want to do is waste money on plants that die.

Research the plants that would work best for your landscape design and region so you get the best results long-term. Use plants that you already see thriving in your area as you know these will be a great addition to your landscape. 

For example, in College Station, we have a very high pH so that limits our landscaping to a degree because of plants like azaleas and gardenias like a low pH.   Also, we don’t have the best soil.  So while we are limited, it’s still not impossible to have beautiful landscape plants.

Be sure to take note of the size your plants will reach maturity or know that you can prune them back if you need to.   For example, I used several Dwarf Yaupon, (shown above) which can become small evergreen trees if you let them just grow, but I plan to prune them every year to keep them small and round.

Pick trees that will not grow too large or just make sure to put them far enough away from the house.  The crepe myrtle I picked is a smaller-growing variety.   Also, email your local extension office for questions about plants.  They are happy to answer specific questions and oftentimes they have a list of what plants do well in your location.

***Don’t forget to download the FREE DIY Landscape Design Cheat Sheet by filling out the form at the end of this post.

diy landscape plan

Simple Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House To Make It Look Larger

Work with your home’s style and size when planning your design. Avoid planting a large plant or tree directly in front of the vertical lines of either side of your house as covering these lines of delineation will make your home look smaller.  Notice the new crepe myrtle tree’s trunk is to the left of the house.

Also, avoid covering windows or borders of windows because seeing these lines of delineation will make your home look bigger.  Always put smaller growing shrubs or grasses in front of low windows.  Don’t cover them with tall shrubs.

You can also plant shrubs at the edges of the yard to obscure boundary lines.  When others don’t see a hard boundary line, the yard looks bigger. Planting vines on fences or trellises near your home also soften boundary lines.

Last, give your beds a clean look by avoiding overcrowding, especially when landscaping small spaces or in a small front yard.  Plan your DIY landscape design so there is lots of space between each shrub in your flower gardens to avoid a cluttered look.  Click here for more tips on making your home look bigger with landscaping.

diy landscape design
Bearded Iris

Where to Buy Cheap Landscaping Plants

The big box stores can be great for finding cheap plants but in ours, only about 1/3 of the plants they sell will actually grow in our alkaline soil.   Big-box stores don’t take a lot of care to pick plants that will do well in each store’s region and their associates are often less than knowledgeable about how to care for them.  In terms of plant knowledge, private nurseries in your area will only sell plants that will grow in your particular area and zone.

However, there is an even better option for finding cheap landscaping plants.  I googled nurseries in our area and stumbled upon a wholesale landscaping company called Site One that also sells to the public.  I kid you not, their plants are half the price of plants anywhere else because you are buying them at the same cost local landscapers pay.  Also, this was a great source for plants that grow well in our area!  

It had by far the best selection of plants that all grow in our area for a fraction of the cost.   By using this source, I was actually able to buy the exact same plants that would have been three times the price a landscaper was going to charge me.  To find the Site One closest to you, click here! 

simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

5.  Simple Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House

Use lots of color to add curb appeal and make a big impact!  Also, think about what colors coordinate with one another.  Maximize your opportunities for pops of color by using colorful flowers and shrubs such as azaleas and rhododendrons, which come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.  These are good background plants because they flower most of the year, and can be pruned into a rounded shape or a hedge.

Considerations for Picking the Right Plants for Your DIY Landscape Design

Light Requirements

Most plants will have different lighting requirements so its important to take that into account as you pick the best plans for your lighting situation. If you have tall trees in your hard, there are lots of beautiful flowering plants and shrubs that like full or partial shade. Hydrangeas are an example of a shade-loving plant that produces huge, colorful blooms.

Pick Plants for Your Climate

Not all plants work well in the same climate. This is one of the benefits of buying plants from a Site One distributor or private nursery as they should only stock plants that will do well in your area. Be careful with big box stores as they are notorious for stocking plants that won’t thrive in your climate. For example, I love azaleas but they don’t grow in cool arid climates BUT rhododendrons are a great alternative that thrive in the cool weather.

If you are in Florida or Texas, use plants flowers and shrubs that don’t need much water like palm trees or zeroscape-type plantings. For northern states, you can go wrong with evergreen plants and trees that can handle the cold climate.

Acidity and Alkalinity of Your Soil

As I mentioned before, be aware of the acidity of your soil if you are shopping at a home improvement store. You can tell if your have acidic soil based on how many pine trees are growing in your area. Lots of pine trees mean you have pretty acidic soil and that’s a good thing! Popular options for acidic soil include gardenias, azaleas, and camelias.

If you look around and see few or no pine trees, you probably have alkaline soil. But just because you have alkaline soil, doesn’t mean you can have beautiful flowers in your landscape.

If you have a special plant in mind that won’t work in your area, there are always alternatives.  For example, I love azaleas but since they are acid-loving plants they don’t grow here in our alkaline soil. A close second for me are the stunning blooms and compact growth habit of Drift Roses that I will keep pruned back because they will grow just about anywhere with very little maintenance.

Drift roses are very disease-resistant, heat-resistant roses that are a cross between a miniature rose and a ground cover rose. (Click HERE to see different varieties.) The Peach Drift Rose is also more shade resistant and will bloom most of the year.  I’m such a sucker for coral and peach roses. Aren’t the color combinations amazing?!?

peach drift rose

6. Prep Your Flower Bed – Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

It’s now time to prep your flower bed!  Once I brought all my plants home, I then spaced them all out exactly how I wanted them and took pictures with my phone to refer back to when I was time to plant.

Then, we brought in 5 yards of Landscape Mix (dirt with compost) and we used that to build up the beds.  A good compost mix is one of the keys to a colorful flower bed of healthy plants.

You want your beds to be a few inches taller than the grass to ensure adequate drainage. (In most cases you won’t have to do this especially if you have a small garden but we were building beds from the ground up.)

We literally dumped the soil on top of the grass as we knew our beds were high enough that the grass would never be able to grow through.   Buy dirt by the bulk and have it delivered as it is much cheaper than buying bags.  We used the remaining dirt to fill holes in our backyard landscaping.

Once Jeremy and I added the soil to the beds, I began to plant.  Start with the biggest plants first and be sure to ask for help with planting large plants, unlike I did. These plants towards the back of your landscape design are called foundation plants as they are usually hardy shrubs that provide a backdrop for small flowering plants. (If you are planting against a border or picket fences, be sure to leave plenty of room between the plant and the fence.)

Then, plant from the back to the front, taking care to step in the bed as little as possible to keep the soil loose as plant roots don’t like soil that has been packed down.

diy landscape design


I like to dig all of the holes first and then go through and set the root ball of each plant in the hole.  Before covering each plant with dirt, I stand back and look at all the plants and their heights in the holes.  Now is the time to make any adjustments as far as spacing and hole depth.  When you get everything adjusted just how you like it, it’s time to refill the holes with dirt around the new plants.  Water the plants very well after they are planted.

You can see below that everything is planted in the soil and watered in well!  Be sure to moisten the soil in the entire bed.  Once you add the mulch, it will help the bed retain moisture.

simple landscaping ideas on a budget

6.  Front Yard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget – Add Extra Touches of Decor!

Whether your house has a modern look or a rustic feel, extra touches go a long way in adding curb appeal to your outdoor space and garden beds.

Like I mentioned in my post 27 Tips for Selling Your House Fast, most real estate agents will tell you that curb appeal is such an important aspect of adding value to your home even on a small budget.  First impressions are so important and it’s worth the time to update your front yard. 

After running these soaker hoses and fertilizing with Osmocote slow-release fertilizer, I added a few extras of my own for extra curb appeal before mulching! Different ways to add curb appeal are hanging baskets, flower boxes, outdoor landscape lighting, window boxes, plants in flower pots or even new house numbers. The small details can make a huge different to the look of your front yard!

CHEAP Landscaping Ideas for The Front of Your House

Bird Bath Makeover

There were several small projects like this bird bath that helped to add a lot of curb appeal.  This stone bird bath was actually left by the former owners in the backyard.  It had chipped paint and had definitely seen better days.  I sprayed it with a Clorox/water solution and scraped the paint that was peeling with a wire brush.

Then I let it dry out in our garage for at least a week.  When it was dried out, I sprayed it with Rustoleum Universal Flat Soft Iron.   I’m really happy with how it turned out!

bird bath makeover
Birdbath Makeover

DIY Large Trellis

When it comes to landscaping ideas for your front yard, don’t be afraid to think out of the box for low-cost solutions. As I mentioned, I knew I needed to fill the mass of blank space on the side of the house.  I bought three trellises from Lowe’s and just attached them with lots of black cable ties – easy peasy!  

I liked the look of the two end pieces being lower in a more cathedral look, so that’s how I attached them to one another and then just buried the bottom of the two side trellises deeper.  This plan was MUCH cheaper than buying one large 6-foot-wide trellis.

Update:  Two years later that little climbing rose has completely covered the 6-foot trellis. I will be sure to add a pic when it’s in bloom!

diy trellis

DIY Fancy Hose Holder

I also made a garden hose holder with some simple supplies from my local home improvement store. 

I figure if you can’t hide something that is ugly, you might as well make it cute!

I bought the finial and post cap from Home Depot and bought the hose hanger here.   After spray painting it with Rustoleum Black Semigloss, I buried it two feet, added a hose, and voila!  The whole hose holder cost $26.00.

simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

DIY Boxwood Topiary Trees

simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

An important aspect of front yard landscaping on a budget is your porch decor.  A few simple additions can add so much charm to a boring front porch, carrying the same stunning look of your newly landscaped yard to your doorstep.

I also enjoyed making the wreath and topiaries.  I got the topiary balls on sale at Joanne’s and bought plastic planters. You can see the entire tutorial by clicking here: DIY Topiary Trees

Also, you can make a hydrangea wreath like this one by clicking here: Hydrangea wreath tutorial.  It includes instructions where you can customize any color and size of hydrangea wreath for your front door and don’t forget my best hack for making home decor bows: Easy Burlap Bow Tutorial

simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

DIY Hummingbird Feeder Chandelier

I had to share with you my hummingbird feeder.  Not only is it a cute way to makeover an old chandelier but it’s also a great method of attracting a large number of hummingbirds to your yard at once.

Between your flowering shrubs and bulbs and this feeder, your yard will be hummingbird heaven.  Click here to read more about how to make your own: DIY Hummingbird Feeder from a Chandelier.

7.  DIY Front Lawn Landscaping with Newspaper Mulch

Next, I added a thick layer of newspaper over the soaker hoses. Newspaper is great for controlling weeds as it smothers existing weeds and prevents weed seeds from germinating.

It also helps the bed to retain moisture and attracts worms which are great for the soil.  Add a thick layer of newspaper (two or three are better) and wet it down to prevent the wind from blowing it away.  Then add two to three inches of black mulch.   I like black mulch because it adds a nice contrast against the house and bedding plants.

Adding newspaper is definitely worth the extra step and it’s free!  It will save you a massive amount of time later on when you don’t have to weed!  Trust me on this!

diy landscaping ideas on a budget

8.  DIY Landscaping Ideas For the Front of Your House with Rocks

We had help with the mulch and rocks because of a service project at Texas A&M University called Big Event. A group from the American Childhood Cancer Association at Texas A&M covered our beds with mulch and meticulously placed the stones along the flower bed edges.  We are so thankful for their hard work and attention to detail!

The river rock boarder created contrast and made for clean lines on the borders of our front garden.

You could also use faux rocks to add some contrast and interest to your design. Consider a large rock in a bed or even a rock garden in an area that gets too much shade.

For all of the above steps in check-list form, download the FREE DIY Landscape Design Cheat Sheet by filling out the form at the end of this post.

Easy DIY Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House

This video allows you to implement an easy no dig border in your landscape design plan as the rocks do.  Check it out to see which one you prefer!

What do you think?  It’s hard to believe the difference that a good landscaping plan can make.  But you don’t have to be a professional to have gorgeous curb appeal on a budget.  With these steps and a good landscaping supplier to buy plants at cost, your yard can be landscaped in one weekend without breaking the bank.

diy landscape design
diy landscape design


Now it’s your turn!  When you are done, I’d love to see how it turned out!  So, be sure to post your before and after photos here!

RENOVATE YOUR FAITH: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Plant

My favorite aspect of this project is one particular plant called a Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow plant.   I needed something to cover the gas meter, which I had painted to match our brick.   It’s not a very common plant, but it is special to me because my grandmother had one in her own garden.

simple front yard landscaping ideas on a budget
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Plant – sometimes called Yesterday, Today & Forever

What’s unique about this plant is that once it blooms, the flowers are deep purple the first day, lavender the next day, and then fade to white the third day.

She was careful to explain to me that the plant signifies the three days that it took for Christ to rise from the grave after he died on the cross.

The darkness of the purple represents the depth of our sin but then by the last day, the white flower signifies the purification, forgiveness, and new life that can only come from Jesus’ death and resurrection.    When we accept this act of unselfish love, we can enjoy eternal life with Him.

Above is my Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow plant which is a beautiful shrub that flowers almost year-round.  It’s my favorite plant in our yard and a beautiful reminder of the legacy of faith she left for our family.

For more spiritual encouragement, click here for the rest of my project posts that also include Renovate Your Faith devotionals.

simple front yard landscaping on a budget

FREE DIY Landscape Design Cheat Sheet

Here’s where you can get an easy-to-follow checklist to get you started on your own flower bed makeover!  Get the password for the library with all of my free printables including wall art, checklists, and templates by filling out this form:

diy landscape design
diy landscape design

DIY Front Lawn Landscaping FAQ’s:

Can these same DIY Ideas work for a Backyard?

Everything in this post still works for a backyard. Be sure to plan accordingly around mature trees and plan to plant plants that like shade. Also, consider adding string lights or solar lights around your deck to your backyard landscape design. Natural elements for visual interest are a nice way to give your backyard a whole new look. A few ideas are large boulders, a DIY water feature or a retaining wall. Even a stone walkway will make a great first impression of your backyard.

How Do I Figure Out How Much Mulch I Need for My Front Lawn Flower Beds?

It can be difficult to calculate the square footage of wood chips or mulch you’ll need for your garden bed. One of the best ways to find out how many bags is to first decide the number of square feet. Multiple the square footage of your flower bed by the depth you want the mulch and that will give you how any square feet. Know that there are two square feet of mulch per bag.

simple front yard landscaping design on a budget
Side View of House

Front Yard Landscape Ideas On A Budget – More Easy DIY Projects:

Be sure to check out my other posts on DIY front lawn landscaping HERE.

diy landscape design

Final Thoughts on your DIY Front Yard Landscaping on a Budget

Don’t forget to download my FREE Landscape Design Printable here. You’ll also get access to my weekly newsletter which also grants you free access to my resource library full of wall art printables, checklists, and project plans! It’s a great place to get time-saving tips and some weekly encouragement.

You don’t have to be a landscape architect to have a beautiful front yard. Without much work, you have the gorgeous yard you’ve dreamed of!

My grandmother had a green thumb and everything she touched would bloom and thrive.  I think she would have been pleased with my new flower beds.   Hopefully, with these tips, you will have an amazing yard you can be proud of.  Fortunately, I’ve found that with a good plan and the right plants a green thumb is not hard to come by!  Anyone can have amazing curb appeal without having to spend a lot on landscaping by implementing these easy steps. 



front yard landscaping ideas on a budget

Final Thoughts on Simple Landscape Ideas For the Front of Your House

What are your thoughts, my friend?  Do you think the makeover was worth it?  What kind of plants will you include in your own landscape design?  With a little time and effort, you can have your dream front yard in no time without spending much money! Please let me know if you have any other questions about front yard landscaping on a budget!  Scroll down to leave a comment and I WILL reply!

Also, don’t forget to download your Free DIY Landscape Design Cheat Sheet by clicking here! ❤️






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Easy Landscaping Ideas for Front of House


  1. Our yard has gotten out of control. We wanted to update and refresh our flowers and trees, but everything was dying. We ended up looking into a dumpster. That helped a lot but we are excited to start from scratch and try your tips now!

  2. I have been planning to renovate our front yard and I’d like a place with lots of flowers and plants, at the same time with a corner for relaxation. Thanks for these ideas

  3. Karin, I enjoy reading about your projects. You did a beautiful job on your front yard. I have saved all of your emails, and refer to them when I am trying to paint or create something. I am 69 years old, soon to be 70. But, you bring such inspiration in your writings about life and God’s loving of us. To be so young, you are a joy to read, take care of yourself, and your family. Life goes by so quickly.

    1. You brought a big smile to my face Rita. Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. Let me know if I can ever answer any questions. So good to hear from you Rita!

  4. Your transfomation is lovely! While my landscape is done (in Houston), it evolved over time and I always enjoy looking at the creativity of others’. I am curious about the hose post. Did you just use a 4×4 post? How tall is it? How deep did you dig and did you secure it with concrete? Really cute! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Melissa, We are not very far from one another. I’m in College Station! I didn’t use concrete for my 4×4 post. I probably went down a foot and a half at least and it is still really stable. It’s probably about 4 feet tall. Do whatever works best for the look of your bed. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And try to stay cool!

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