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  1. As I was reading instructions on painting and staining old tables, I then saw your thoughts on how God can transform ourselves just the same tucked right here inside these instructions!! Thank you for your words of inspiration.
    It is so refreshing in this world we live in to hear your thoughts. Also nice to just stumble onto your site while I was searching for instructions on gel stain/paint and find that without me even noticing on a day I needed it most,I find God tucked sweetly faithfully right here on Pinterest and of all places on a DIY sight. Your thoughts on God might be the only “word;Gods word” someone might see…planting’s required of All of us including me. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂 Keep spreading your thoughts it was so refreshing. God Bless Kim of Monticello Indiana😇<. <. <

    • Kim, I can’t thank you enough for your encouraging words! That’s exactly the purpose of this blog…my hope and prayer is that people will come to my blog looking for diy help but leave feeling encouraged to know God more. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your comment! It made my day!


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