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Best Sanders for Wood Furniture, 2022

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Sanding has gotten a bad rap in the last several years as chalk paint has come on the scene.  What many don’t realize is that the vast majority of furniture pieces need to be sanded, even ones that are chalk painted (see my post Why I Don’t Use Chalk Paint).  Whether you use chalk paint, latex, or any specialty furniture paint, there’s a good chance you will have to sand your furniture piece and an electric hand sander makes it so much easier than sanding by hand!  Here I’ll show you the best sanders for wood furniture!

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The Best Sanders for Wood Furniture

Best Hand Sanders, 2022

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The purpose of sanding is to rough up the old surface of paint so that the new paint sticks.  A hand sander (sometimes called a mouse sander or palm sander) makes the process quick and painless and it the best sander for furniture restoration.

Electric Hand Sander = Palm Sander = Mouse Sander

When I bought my first sander, I was absolutely shocked at how easy it was to use.  It took WAY less effort than sanding by hand and the dust catcher collected most of the sanding dust.

Click here for the 6 top sanders for furniture refinishing.

How To Use An Electric Sander:

If you can iron a shirt, you already know how to use an electric sander.  First, set the sander down with the grit pad attached to the velcro underneath (see the chart below on which grit level to use). The weight of the sander does most of the work.  Just move it back and forth enough to take the sheen off of the furniture. You just want the surface roughed up enough so that the new paint grabs onto the old surface.  When you have sanded the surface, wipe the furniture piece down with a moist rag and you are ready for primer. See my full post on How To Sand Furniture In 5 Minutes HERE.

Some things to consider when buying a sander is how it feels in your hand.  Are the tip and bottom plate surrounded by plastic or is it metal?  Does it have a removable tip and is that tip likely to break?  Does it have the detachable Velcro for easy removal of sanding pads?  Does it use generic size sanding pads?  Does it have a dust catcher and how effective is it?  I took all these things into consideration as I review these 6 sanders below to determine the best sanders for wood.

If you’re curious, or in a hurry:

This specific electric sander is our top pick and an Amazon Best Seller.

Which is the Best Detail Sander For Furniture? – Palm Sanders Buying Guide

✅ Compare the reviews of the 6 sanders below by going to this link here.

SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander

This sander offers pressure control which helps maintain a more even finish.  It even includes 8 detail sanding attachments to access tough-to-reach corners making it the best small detail sander.  Unlike the last sander, the SKIL Octo has a clear-view dust canister which allows you to see how much dust has been collected, removing the guesswork for when to empty the container.

The microfiltration helps to capture smaller dust particles you might now normally catch.  The price and size make this a good sander but some reviews complained about the functionality of the attachments.  However, its versatility, ergonomic design, and filtration system make this sander a great tool for the price.  Check the current price and read reviews HERE.


WEN 6301 Mouse Sander

The WEN 6301 allows for easy sanding to get a very smooth finish on your latest DIY project.  The one amp motor ensures even sanding while the suction adaptor allows for attachment to your vacuum cleaner.  Like other sanders, it has a hook and loop base for each attachment of sandpaper pads.

Reviewers say this sander is sturdy and well-built even considering the price.  They also state that it comes with a dust collection bag if you don’t want to attach the sander to your vacuum cleaner.  A few reviewers state that the tip of the sander is somewhat delicate so one should be careful to always keep it level.  Check the current price and read reviews HERE.

Black+Decker BDEMS600 Sander

This mouse sander has a compact size and ergonomic stability for easy sanding but also offers some other important features.  With a high-performance micro-filtration dust collection system, you don’t have to attach it to your vacuum.

The Black+Decker BDEMS600 has a convenient 3-positional tip for versatility depending on the furniture project you are sanding.  It has a detail finger attachment for getting in small spaces but some reviewers said this attachment broke off after several uses.  This sander is unique in that it has a trigger switch instead of a toggle switch. Check the current price and read reviews HERE.


Black+Decker BDCMS20 Cordless Palm Sander

The BDCMS20 gives you the same convenience as the last model but without the cord.   It also has an ergonomic design that gets in tight corners.  The detail finger attachment can be easily interchanged to make sanding smaller spaces even easier.

One complaint was that it was somewhat heavy but that is going to be the case with any cordless mouse sander. However, for that reason, it is probably the best sander for sanding stained wood to restain because the extra weight will work in your favor.

It comes with a battery, charger, and dust collector for easy clean-up.  It has plenty of power and long battery life for your furniture project.  One reviewer remarked that she used it for all of her kitchen cabinets while only having to stop and recharge once.  I found that pretty amazing considering the scope of that project.  It has a dust-sealed switch and a 12,000 orbit per minute motor.  Check the current price and read reviews HERE.

TACKLIFE Mouse Sander – PMS01A

This sander has an ergonomic design much like its contemporaries but the top allows you to get a better, more even grip than others.  The main feature of this sander is its high-performance dust collection which traps the vast majority of dust, even allowing you to sand indoors.

The sander runs at 12,000 RPM with 1.1 amps of power.  It even comes with an assortment of sandpaper pads. This palm sander also has an adaptor to a vacuum hose in addition to the filter bag.  This is a very flexible and compact sander that allows comfortable sanding of furniture pieces with very little mess.

One review stated that the dust bin comes off at times but I’ve found if I put it on and rotate it slightly to tighten it,  I have no problem with this.  Check the current price here.

Compare All 6 Top Sanders HERE

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The Best Detail Sander for Furniture, 2022

The TACKLIFE MOUSE SANDER (PMS01A) has more than enough features to sand and refinish even the most detailed furniture projects.  The grip placement allows for comfortable and even sanding of furniture surfaces because of the weight distribution.  This palm sander, although powerful is also very light and you can’t beat the price making it the best sander for furniture refinishing.

orange palm sander

Unlike some of the hand sanders in its class, it does not offer a removable tip for detail areas but I find this is a plus because these tips oftentimes break off easily.  Also, the standard tip is angled enough to get into small spaces on its own.  I would also say this is the best sander for doors or any other project you might want to tackle indoors.  There will still be some dust but not a lot.  See more pictures HERE.

I love the dust collection unit and while there is still some dust, the TACKLIFE PMS01A removes and collects the vast majority of it.  Conveniently this sander comes with quality sanding pads in two different grits.  You can check reviews and see the current price for this sander here.

Also, you’ll notice it comes with a vacuum cleaner adapter for attachment to any vacuum cleaner.

If you are doing some serious sanding and know you will also be around paint fumes, you might want to get a mask like the one that I have on below.  For regular sanding, all you really need is one of these.

Please excuse the fact that I look slightly psychotic in this picture.

I’ve included this handy wood sandpaper grit chart to help you buy the correct grit or coarseness of sandpaper for your project.  You can see several sandpaper options HERE.

The Best Sanders for Wood Furniture – Sandpaper Grit Chart

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